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We Went to Ghost Road

Sienna, MI, USA
August 2015

One night me, my best friend, and my boyfriend went to ghost road in Paris, Michigan. We followed all the rules and instructions of the following: Drive to the third hill, turn around and park on top of the second, turn the car off, put the keys on top of the vehicle, lock the doors, and sit in silence. We sat there until it was almost completely dark. It was about half an hour but we all saw different lights at different times, until we all saw a dark shadowy man walk towards the truck. We didn't say anything, just acknowledged it. Then we kept hearing this tapping on my floor board, mind you, all of our feet were up on the seat. We started to calm down, then we all got very hot and at the same time saw the light in a large orb form float across the road, but we could only look at it with our peripheral vision, so we headed the hell out.

We had all been here before about a year back, Carly woke up with her body look like she had gotten into a cage fight. She had unexplainable red bruises and scratches all over her stomach and back. About a week after our first time going she would wake up in the middle of the night and bang her head against the wall, and could not control herself. Her mom came in to her room and prayed, then things stopped happening. This time when we went, we were on our way back to her sisters. We parked and my boyfriend and I went back to his truck to grab something, not within a minute, Carly ran over to us and said "guys look at me" and her stomach was covered in large long, raised scratches. Then we went inside and just tried to calm down. After my boyfriend left I went to check on Carly, and I had her turn around. They were all over her back now too, but this time- her sister and I watched them form on her skin. As if Someone with very sharp nails scratched her over and over again. All over in X patterns and in strikes of 3 usually.

We woke up the next morning, which is today, and they were gone. We had to go the store, and as soon as we got in the truck she turns to me and lifts her shirt and the marks are worse than ever. I was with her that whole morning and there was not even a millisecond where she was alone and there ins no way for her to inflict those in herself. They have kept disappearing and reappearing. There is no say what will happen now, but I hope she's okay.

Sienna, MI, USA
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