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Weird and Helpful

Ashley, NY, USA
June 2010

Some people think that ghosts are here to harm or scare us. I thought so too. Until the night of my 14th birthday party...

Every year i have a pool party and then a sleepover for all the girls after. This year was going to be the best party yet because we had just moved into a new house (after my mom had my brother she felt we needed more space). This house was much bigger than my old house, but much older. The house needed a lot of work but my mom said it was a house worth fixing.

After the pool party ended at about eleven, all the girls and I set up our sleeping area in the living room. We turned off all the lights and started telling ghost stories (just like you always do at great sleepovers)! My one friend said that she had a really strong feeling that she was needed outside. We all followed her outside and realized that we never put out the fire and it was starting to come out onto the grass. We just figured that she remembered that we forgot to put out the fire.

At about 1:30 am the guys who were at the party earlier showed up at my house. They were a few of my close friends and my boyfriend. I knew if my parents found them here they would kill me and ground me for the rest of the summer. But I was pretty confident that I wouldn't get caught. We were all in my living room playing truth or dare, when my boyfriend said he saw something in my kitchen.

We all looked and there was a figure of a man there pointing to my stairs. We were all so scared. Then we heard footsteps upstairs. The guys hurried out the back door just in time. My parents had just came down stairs saying they thought they heard funny sounds.

Me and all my friends were so scared about what we all saw in my kitchen so we couldn't sleep at all. At about four my friend had to use the bathroom. She was too scared to go by herself so I went up with her. When we got to the top of the stairs we saw the same guy that we saw in my kitchen. He was looking up at the fan that was on.

We were too scared to even move. Then he ran past us making us jump in the direction where he was standing. Then all of a sudden the fan fell and with a loud scream from me and my friend we had realized that we had woken up everyone in the house.

Even though this ghost scared us, he saved us from a lot that night. I don't think he was there to harm or scare anyone. He was just there looking out for us.

Ashley, NY, USA
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