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Weird Cemetery Encounter

Anonymous, South Australia
August 2015

I recently remembered an unusual encounter my then partner and I had at the local cemetery, very odd to say the least.

About 15 years ago we drove to the cemetery with flowers for my grandparents grave, it was late in the afternoon, probably about 5pm. As we drove up the path of that particular section this girl stepped in front of the car from a side path I think, not totally sure because we didn't see her at all until she appeared in front of us. She was probably mid teens, solidly built with pigtails, but her clothing was that of a much younger child, and old fashioned. Plaid skirt, cardigan and jumper like I wore as a child in the sixties.

We were going slowly and she started twirling and dancing just a few feet in front of us as we continued up the path, and in her arms was a bundle of cuddly toy animals. Straight away I got a weird feeling about this girl, my partner could see her too, he was getting annoyed because she wouldn't move out the way. Finally we stopped, I stepped out of the car and she was gone, just like that.

I stood there dumbfounded, the cemetery was quite flat and you could see all the way over, no sign of her. While I tended to my grandparents grave, my equally puzzled partner went for a walk to see if she might have been hiding but nothing, she had just vanished. It was the oddest thing, nothing made sense, her dress, her behaviour, even the cuddly toys. I still remember her very clearly, I can still see her twirling and dancing with this odd little smile, and I have no explanation all these years later.

Anonymous, South Australia
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