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Weird Dream

Florida, USA
May 1999

Bear with me here. I have to explain everything in my dream before I get to the real story.

When I was fifth grade I remember having had a dream about being in a pool. I was sitting on a ledge in the pool next to a girl in a blue flowered bikini. I remember seeing the yard in front of me and the fence and the side of the house. It was a salmon colored house. I saw the patio and the screen door out of the corner of my eye. Then another girl in a yellow one-piece suit swam under my feet. Then I woke up. Of course I thought nothing of the dream again until later. In the sixth grade I met my best friend Margie. She introduced me to her best friend Kristina. We became inseparable over the years and still are now. I'm in tenth grade right now. But in the sixth grade I hardly knew Kristina at all. I called her for the first time in the eighth grade and for the first time, in ninth, I went over to her house. We were very close by now. I went into the pool with her and her sister, Andrea. Kristina was in a blue flowered bikini and Andrea was in a yellow one-piece. I sat down on the ledge in the pool and Andrea swam right underneath my feet. Now I had forgotten that dream for a long time and suddenly I remembered that I had that dream 4 years before I met her! Everything was the same. I had seen into the future. I told her and her sister and they found that very strange.

Florida, USA
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