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Weird Experience

December 2007

Our family is one of many Lebanese families that lives in Ghana/ West Africa. A number of incidents occurred to me and my family earlier on this year that were sort of weird and scary to a certain extent.

The first incident involved lighting striking a coconut tree in the garden just a few meters outside my bedroom. This incident was followed by another one two days later.

Where I work is noisy, and so I sometimes used to make my phone calls in a relatively quiet and distant electrical room full of computer panels and equipment. As as I entered this room to make a phone call two days after the first incident, I could smell the scent of a wire mass. As soon as I tried to leave the room in order to call on the electrician in charge to try and check things out, one of the panels exploded and I could see successive powerful sparks that caused one panel to go ablaze. As if this was not enough. I was watching a movie in my living room in the evening a few days later, I heard a strong "bang". As I rushed to check on its cause, I realized that the summer heart in the garden, and under which one watchman and dog normally sat, had collapsed while they were both sitting underneath. Upon removing the wreckage, we found the watchman to have sustained minor injuries considering the weight of the roof, whereas the dog had not been affected at all. The watchman recovered from his injuries, but appeared to have lost his mind after the incident.

As if all of this was not enough again, and as we were sleeping a few days after the third incident, I, my brother and his wife, and my other brother, who slept in separate rooms, all woke up to the noise of plates crashing. The noise was so loud we all woke up almost simultaneously. It appeared to have come from under the house. We immediately went downstairs to check out what had happened, and found the two watchmen on duty to be fast asleep. They obviously did not hear the noise. We combed the whole area under and around the house, but could not find anything unusual.

These are a series of consecutive weird events that happened at a time when I had a constant feeling that a bad spell had been cast on us. It is amazing how all this time I felt that there was something evil haunting us, a feeling which I had not felt so strongly before. And for some reason, I seriously believe that there is something unnatural about all of what had happened, and that they are all connected incidents.

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