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Weird Exprience in Cape Town

Thembisa, Cape Town, South Africa
August 2015

It’s not an exciting ghost story but it was weird enough for us to notice that something rather odd had just happened.

Three weeks ago I was on holiday with my family ( gran, sister, her fiance, my niece, brother, a friend and myself). My granny had booked us into this lovely resort in Blouberg, Cape Town situated five minutes away from the beach. It was heavenly. We arrived at night and everything was okay, nothing out of the ordinary but I did feel something in our Unit- a different presence. Everyone laughed if off of course, calling me paranoid cause I have the unfortunate luck of always having an experience wherever we go. I’ve stopped sharing most of the things I experience, dream or feel because no one takes me seriously but this one excites me because my sister and our friend saw it happen as well.

The night we arrived our friend linked up with her "holiday" boyfriend and only came back the following morning at around 10am. It was a Saturday and my gran was making breakfast for everyone. I was lying on the couch, having passed out in the lounge the night before. My sister had just taken a shower and was standing across my gran close to the back door. Our friend walked in and feeling embarrassed because everyone was already up stood next to my sister as my gran asked her where she had slept last night. When she walked in she closed the door but not completely shut, and as she was explaining the door slowly swung open and then slowly swung itself shut, like someone had pushed it open, walked in and closed it again. I still feel it was someone walking out not in, I don’t know why it’s just a feeling I got. The way it swung open then slowly closed was definitely not because of a draft or breeze.

My sister and our friend both froze and stared at each other than turned to me. All I could do was slowly nod. My gran who had been looking down into her pot noticed our silence and turned around. She must’ve seen from the look on our faces that something had happened but we chose not to say anything, mainly because we didn’t know how to even begin explaining. The funny part is my brother just sat up and non-chalantly said, "It was a ghost."

I only ever felt the presence in the kitchen and lounge ( it was an open plan set up).

My next encounter with whoever it was was three days later. Again I was sleeping on the couch and I heard someone busy in the kitchen. Waking up from sleep I assumed it was my gran preparing breakfast but as I lay there fully awake and too scared to open my eyes. I realized I could hear my gran moving around in her bedroom. Whoever was in the kitchen gave off an elderly woman energy. I just got an image in my mind of a short medium sized old lady with gray hair. Nothing scary or threatening but I was taken aback by her I guess.

I think she realized I was now awake because I felt her turn, look at me and disappear out the kitchen door. A few minutes later I heard my gran exit her bedroom and walk into the kitchen. I asked her if she had been in the kitchen a few minutes ago and she not only assured me that she had not, but that everyone else was still fast asleep. Needless to say that was the last time I slept in the lounge.

Like I said I didn’t feel anything negative but I just can’t seem to get used to these encounters.

Not exciting but it’s what I experienced whilst vacating in Cape Town beginning of Jan.

Thembisa, Cape Town, South Africa
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