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Weird Happenings In My House

Johntia Jefferies, OH, USA
December 2011

I have experienced strange smells,feelings of being watched changes in air temperature, things moving around, being touched, mood swings, and a few times I have seen shadows walking around or just standing in one spot. So far I haven't experienced odd dreams and heaviness in the air and I hope it stays that way. I dont understand it though,my mother just had our house built from the ground up about 5 years ago and before the house was built there was a football field in its place. I believe that there was something here before the football field.

Hearing noises, objects moving on their own, and being touched happen more frequently than the others. There have been a few cases when I have seen something. For some reason I am the only one who hears everything and have seen spirits. The worst feeling is when I feel like I'm being watched, especially touched. It is the scariest thing to be touched by something you cant physically see.

Once I had my own room but it didn't even last a year. Whatever this thing is in my house it is attached to me for some unknown reason. When I had my own room more than once have I felt a physical body lay next to me but when I turn around theres no one there. My TV would occasionally turn off unless I put it on a certain channel. There was a case when I had two glasses on my bed, both were sitting upright. One was a very thin glass and I had several others like it and these glasses break easily. The other was a very thick glass and I have dropped this glass plenty of times and it has not cracked once. Both glasses flew off of my bed and hit my carpet. My carpet is very soft and the thick glass shattered while the thin one remained unharmed.

Sometimes I misten to my MP3 and my head phones are very loud so I don't hear things. Once I was in my room listening to my music when suddenly it sounded like my mother was calling me. I took my headphones off and walked around the house to find her. I called her and she told me she was at my aunt's house.

More than once have I felt someone poking me. It gets very irritating and if I turn my back towards the wall it immediately stops but if I turn away from the wall it starts again. Sometime I feel real safe when I feel another presence with me but there are times when I feel I need to leave out of a room as quickly as possible before something happens. Sometimes I smell a dog and sometimes my room gets a musty smell and no matter what I do the smell doesn't go away. I dont know what to do. The smell just comes at random moments and leaves on its own. Sometimes it lasts a whole day and sometimes it lasts just seconds. I don't like feeling scared in my own home where I'm supposed to feel comfortable. I heard that evil spirits feed off of emotions such as fear but its hard to just stop making myself fear the unknown.

Johntia Jefferies, OH, USA
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