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Weird Little House

Rebecca, OR, USA
May 2015

My boyfriend and I moved into a house that belonged to one of our clients, we owned a landscaping business. Within the first day or two, we began hearing strange rustlings that sounded as if some mouse was inside our closet moving a plastic store bag. It was a bit softer and not continuous. We also thought our neighbor was moving their garbage can every night, late.

The second day we were inside our bedroom and we heard a loud sound in the kitchen. We hadn't yet brought anything for that room, and out of no where a penny seems to have fallen onto the kitchen floor.

The first week we had an argument and were keeping our distance. I went out on our porch to smoke. All the lights were out in side the house. Only the porch light was on. Suddenly it flicked off, then back on. I thought it to be very out of my boyfriends character to play jokes on me when we were at odds. I opened the door and went inside to find the house was pitch black. I made my way slowly to my bedroom only to find the door shut and him snoring. It felt like lava went through my veins when I realised he had no part in the light flickering. So you may be thinking, "electrical surge". I heard the light switch click on and off. That same light going on and off happened about 17 different times within the 10 months we lived there.

That wasn't even the worst event. Our front door handle was one of the lever kind. About 6 different times it was violently moving up and down as though some one wanted to get in and do us harm. Two times we had other people there to witness the event.

One time we were in our bathroom and all of a sudden all our shampoo and bottles that were around the tub fell inside and the curtain moved in, yet no windows were open. The night it seemed to have an incredible number of shadows every where. I didn't per say see a ghost, but all the other unexplainable happenings seem to point in the same direction.

Rebecca, OR, USA
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