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Weird Nights

Anonymous, DE, USA
March 2012

I keep having the same experience over and over again. It started about 5 years ago when I was a freshman in high school.

My sister was away and I wanted to sleep with our dog so my mom made me sleep in her room with him. First, I woke up around 2 not being able to breath. It was as if someone was choking me. I remember staring at my sister's dresser trying to move but I couldn't. I sat up in bed to put my thoughts together. In the end I decided that there was no way that that really happened and it had to be a dream.

I went back to sleep but woke up again around 3 in the morning to the same feeling. This time however I was clearly awake because I could open and close my eye but my breathing was very difficult. I could feel an immense amount of pressure on my throat and it was terrifying. Again it stopped but after the second encounter I could not fall back asleep or leave my dog so I stayed up for the rest of the night. I told a couple of my friends but they all thought I was crazy, so I forgot about it and moved on.

I went a couple of months without anything interesting until one night I woke up to my bed shaking. It started out light, to the point that I thought I was imaging it but then it began to get stronger. When I sat up the shaking stopped. Again for my own piece of mind I told myself that it had to be a dream, although I had clearly been awake, and went back to bed.

About and hour or so later I woke up for no particular reason and saw a dark figure in the upper corner of my room. It didn't have much of a shape, just a black mass. This scared me to the point that I couldn't move. I kept closing my eyes hoping to fall asleep again but every time I opened them it was still there. Eventually I worked up the courage and slipped out of my room and went to my mom's room to sleep. I never told her why because I knew she would never believe me.

Since these experiences I will still wake up to the feeling of being choked. These encounters are very infrequent, about 3 or 4 times a year, but they are still very scary. I never see anything I just know that feeling of hands around my neck and staring at the wall waiting for it to stop.

I have had other experiences as well. About a year ago I was laying in bed about to fall asleep when I heard a voice not yell or whisper just speak my name. My eyes shot open, and I remember laying there thinking did I imagine that. Nothing else happened. I didn't see anything or feel anything. I just went back to sleep.

Now that I am in college I thought maybe the incidences would stop, however it has happened to me once here. Oddly it was a night when my room mate went home for the week end. This time I felt like i was being choked and the bed was shaking. I could hear voices of people from my floor in the hallway but I couldn't scream out to them. When it stopped I wanted to get out of the room so met up with people on my floor. Just some weird things that have happened to me, hope you find it interesting.

Anonymous, DE, USA
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