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Were They Murdered?

Cheryl, IL, USA
June 2003

Well, it all started around the year of 1973 when we moved in a house on Summit St. in Elgin. Every day around 5pm we would hear a car pull in the drive but when we looked nobody was there.

One night the phone rang late about 2am I would say. My mother was thinking who could it be this late. Well, when she got up to answer the phone she saw in the other room a woman dressed in an evening gown walk across the room and vanished into the wall.

Another time was when my mother was home alone and she was ironing in the basement and she heard the water turn on upstairs. But when she went to look the water shut off and no one was home. This scared her a bit so she went to chat with the neighbors for a while till someone came home.

Well, another day my mother was home alone and the bedroom door upstairs slammed shut. She thought there might have been a window open and a draft might have slammed the door. But when she went to check there wasn't. She started to head down the stairs and the door slammed again. Again my mother went to the neighbors till someone came home.

This kind of stuff went on for along time. After all we did live in that house for eight years.

Mother was resting on the sofa one day because she has this thing called Narcolepsy. Its a sleeping disorder, she always falls asleep. As she was resting she heard someone coming down the stairs. Well, Mom has been bothered one to many times by this ghost so she tried paying no attention to her.

That ghost would come down the stairs even louder the next time. My mother could only take so much before she stood up and yelled "what in the name of Jesus do you want?!" To her surprise she noticed it was a different lady dressed in a sweat shirt and jeans. The ghost then lead my mother into the next room and told her there was something very valuable buried under this spot in the floor.

To this day we are not sure what it is or was. You see the house was moved to the spot it's in now from down the street. There is now a gas station where the house use to be.

One day a Jehovah person came to our door and mother let her in to talk about the ghost. As they sat talking there was a LOUD knock that vibrated the floor between them. That person left suddenly!

The time that I will never forget was when my sister, brother, mother and I were home alone. Dad had to work late. Dad never believed Mom anyway. He always told her she was making things up.

Mom kept a twin bed in the livingroom because of her disorder and was asleep. My sister, brother and I were laying around watching our black and white 13" TV set, when my mother sat up at the foot of the bed and said as she walked over to the spot. "Something tells me to knock on this wall." Mom knocked three times and I'll be damned if that wall didn't knock back three times. This went on about four times because all us kids were screaming "MOM STOP!" "MOM STOP!" And it stopped but not if Mom could help it. She kept doing it but the ghost stopped herself.

A few years went by and Mom and dad divorced and we moved out. Dad blocked off the upstairs and he himself didn't stay there very long. After we moved out. A few years later, I remember there were red stains that would show up on the floor in one of the upstairs bedrooms if you were to go over them with a wet mop. I heard that the police or investigators use some chemical to remove blood stains on the floor, but it still comes back when you wet the spot down.

Now the only thing I can come up with is that these two ghosts. Whoever they are. Were murdered in that house but what was the valuable thing to them? Was it their body's?

Thanks for reading. Cheryl

Cheryl, IL, USA
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