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West Side Ghost And Angels

Joanna, TX, USA
October 2004

This is a story I just recently heard about from my mom, after bringing up the topic of ghosts and this website. I believed it as soon as I heard, due to some experiences of my own.

My mom has been teaching for about 20 years and before she taught at our intermediate school she worked at the Pre- K thru 2nd grade school, named Westside. Being the good teacher she is, she would often come in on weekends to work, after asking a couple of other teachers if they would be working as well. The following Saturday she would go to school and while she was working she would hear doors opening and closing and children running in the halls. She always just assumed one of the other teachers had brought their children in, only to find out that she had been alone in the building, except for whatever was making those noises.

My mom was somewhat skeptical and was telling one of the janitors about what had happened he said things happened at night too. At night the light will turn on and off, doors and windows will open and close, and the sound of a child crying will float through the halls, but whenever you think you know which room it's coming from, it's heard in another part of the building.

As I said before, I've had some experiences there myself. When I was in second grade I was in our classroom with a couple of friends, getting the ball bag for the teacher. Someone called out my friends name from the hallway and we all ran, thinking it was one of the boys. The hallway was a dead end, with a door that was always locked and no one was in the hallway. We even searched the room, thinking someone could have hidden. Once we knew no one had said that, at least no one we could find, we hauled our little 7-year-old butts out of the classroom.

While I was at that school the Virgin de Guadelupe's image appeared on a windowsill and I remember seeing it. It was in full color, and you could see through it clearly. I also believe I saw a boy's guardian angel once. The boy was "special" and let go of the chains on the swing about 10 feet off the ground. As he was being loaded onto the lid of our sand table I saw a white something hovering in the air above him. It was a clear, sunny day, and it disappeared too quickly to be a cloud. Incidentally, that lid of the sand table gave everyone the creeps and I personally never touched it again.

The school was recently named Ted Flores and I have not been back lately, as I am in high school and too cool to be seen around a little kid's school. Anyways, I don't want to know if what used to be there still exists. A couple of guys I know said that before the school was built a house used to stand there. There was a mom and dad and seven kids. One night the father took his shotgun and killed his wife and kids before killing himself with a handgun. Is one of the children still crying, alone and afraid?

Joanna, TX, USA
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