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Wetherspoons Ladies Room

Nicola, London, UK
September 2003

Just lately I’ve made myself visit a couple of regular pubs. I’ve never been a pub-type person, more a ?clubber’, but being 30 next year, the quieter things in life are starting to appeal to me more.

One pub that I go in with my mum is one of the Wetherspoon pubs, in Forest Hill, South East London, SE23. It has very modern d?cor, though I know nothing about the building’s original structure, how old it is etc, but it looks like the last place you’d expect to find anything supernatural going on.

I’m afraid this story isn’t going to scare you, it's more appealing for anyone who has any knowledge of this pub.

I went in with my mum last Saturday and we sat downstairs in the big open-plan room, had a chat, a bite to eat etc as you do. Then I went to use the toilet. Well, I’ve had this feeling in there before, but it’s only about the second time I’ve been in there alone. They’re very plush and modern, usually very empty. They have quite subdued lighting and a full-length mirror as well as mirrors on the walls above the sinks, and red tiles. Everything is gleaming and clean, and there are about 10 cubicles running down off the main part where the sinks are.

I get the most horrible feeling in those toilets; like ?something’ is there. When I went up there this time, I remembered I’d felt like that in them before. This time was worse though.

I was all alone in there, and when I came out of the cubicle and washed my hands, I got this urge to look behind me. Obviously nothing was there, the only way I can describe it is like a feeling of being watched, and it’s quite oppressive, and definitely evil! I wanted to do my make-up at the mirror, but something told me to just get the hell out of the toilets and back downstairs? I don’t often have these feelings, but I couldn’t deny it or mistake it!

I’ve been trying to find out the history of the building, but coming up with nothing! If anyone knows anything about Wetherspoons pub in Forest Hill, SE London, England, or has had some kind of experience in there I’d be very interested to hear about it! I just know I don’t often get definite feelings of supernatural activity, but in that particular place I did have ? and I will only go to those toilets accompanied from now on!

Nicola, London, UK
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