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What's Going On?

Anonymous, Kingston, Tasmania, Australia
May 2010

I’m a single mum of two beautiful boys, we live in our own house as we have done many before this. For years now I have sensed two spirits in particular ever since I did a seance 5 years ago. While I was doing this with my ex-boyfriend his mum and just a friend of ours, a male named Mark came through and wanted to tell me that my uncle had killed him and that I was the only person to help him. He gave me the name of a hotel not too far from here and told me the number of the room, he then went on to say that once I walked into the room I would know straight away where he was. He warned me that if I don’t help him then my eldest son Zac would kill his father in his 16th year of life as his father would attempt to rape me and Zac would then do a life sentence in jail. I didn’t and have still have not done anything about this as I don’t know what to do and if I should believe it.

A few years later I had an experience where I was just about to fall asleep and a woman’s voice started talking to me. As soon as I heard the name Mark my eyes sprung open and to my surprise there was no actual person as such but two balls of light at the end of my bed and one on the right hand side of the bed. I sat in my room just not believing what I was seeing, I sat there for ages and they didn’t go...I got up and turned my light on thinking I was just paranoid but the lights were still there. I climbed back into bed and thought I’d just wait it out when all of a sudden it felt like the life of me was being sucked out, I was so scared! I jumped out of bed grabbed my 3 year old son and ran down to my boyfriend’s mum’s at the time. As I ran every tree shook violently until I reached her front door. By the time I got inside I couldn’t breathe and I had tears rolling down my face everywhere. I’ve never been so scared in all my life as I was that night!

A few years have passed now and like I said I have sensed these two spirits with me I know that there both male but completely different. I sometimes see them when I’m alone at night but I don’t feel afraid of them; it’s just like it’s natural for them to be around me, I see the first one he peeps around each corners at me never shows his full self and the other crawls around down the hall way but he’s a full grown male. I’ve seen him at times as well.

I also sense another male that appears from time to time and when he’s about my whole body just fills with fear in an instant and I know that’s not good at all. I’m not sure what he wants or what his intentions are but I wish he’d go away. Thankfully for me when I get the sense of him (which is only when I’m in bed) I have someone looking out for me. I’m thinking it must be a female as I’ve only found that I sense males. But I feel her sit on my bed and I can feel when she touches my head, patting it as if to say that she’s there and its okay to sleep she'll make sure I wake in the morning type of thing.

As of late I also hear women and children trying to talk to me as I go to sleep of a night. I sleep with my ears covered at night so that I can’t hear. I have no idea what’s going on or what I’m meant to do about all of this....

If anybody has any ideas please feel free to let me know because I’m completely lost here!! I’ve also had a few very weird things happening around the house as of late but perhaps that should be another story as I’m not sure it’s happening or not kind of thing....

Anonymous, Kingston, Tasmania, Australia
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