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What A Weird Fellow You Are

Tara, Nova Scotia
October 2007

This tale I am about to tell happened to me when I was roughly around 6-8 years of age. I'm now 21. I don't remember all the events leading up to this, or what time of year it was. All I remember is this: At the time that this happened, I was sleeping in my bedroom. Just so you know, this is how the bedroom was laid out.
The shape of the room was square. I had one window which pointed to our neighbor's house. When I looked out the window, I could see a forest to my right, the porch and road to my left. If you were to face my room, back to the window, you'd be straight across from the doorway. To the right of the doorway a small closet jutted out. In front of the closet was a purple bin of toys. To your immediate left there would be my bed. To the immediate right, a white writing desk. Next to the desk was a bureau and a large rectangular mirror sitting sideways on top. It wasn't a very large room. Note that you can see the doorway and slightly into the hallway no matter where you were in my room, unless you were right in front of the closet.

Anyway's, back to the tale.

I remember waking up, startled, thinking that I heard something. Whatever it was, I don't remember what it sounded like, only that it was weird. Frightened, I clutched Frobisher, a large white polar bear teddy that my grandmother had let me play with while growing up. In the dark, my room seemed quite vast to me. I rolled over onto my side and sat up slightly, looking to the door which I always had open so our pet cat Thaddius (RIP) could wander in and out.
Well, it wasn't the cat I laid my eyes on. He was short and stout with a head that was nearly as wide as his body. He came up about half way to the doorknob and was peering straight at me as if he didn't know what to make of me. I remember that he had two very and I mean very large circular eyes that took nearly the entire space of his face with room enough for a flattened nose and a thin mouth. Despite being quite scared of this weird individual, I noticed that he seemed to be lost. As if he had taken a wrong turn and ended up staring at a weird little human girl. I recall that he was wearing a tuxedo and appeared to be dressed up for some sort of formal affair. He didn't make any sound at all and just continued to stare. I didn't want to move near him or speak to him, for if I did I had the odd notion that in that mouth lay tons of sharp, pointed teeth just waiting to bite..despite him not giving any sign that he was harmful.

After what seemed like forever, which was probably a few minutes, a new wave a fear came over me and I did what any little girl in my position would have done. Clutching the stuffed animal to my chest I cowered under the pillows 'til morning.

I never did see this fellow ever again, but this memory has kept with me ever since. I haven't a clue what he was or where he was going, but I certainly hope that he found his way to his destination. I only wish I could recall the memory enough to draw it. But whenever I go to do such a task, it all becomes too hazy to put onto paper.

If any of you have any thoughts that could help me solve what this little fellow was, please don't hesitate to send me an email. Just make sure the subject line will jog my memory of this, as I'm quite wary of emails from people I do not know.
Perhaps put 'castleofspirits' in the title. :)

Tara, Nova Scotia
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