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What Could This Be?

June 2009

Okay, I have had many experiences with the paranormal; this year though has been the worst for me. I shall start by saying early this year my favorite horse passed away. She was not ever in the best shape and wasn't the fittest out of the other two she came with, she was a very strong one and always stuck by my side unfortunately she lost a battle that she had been fighting for awhile that I never knew about. To add to that I learnt that a lady committed suicide way before our house was built on our land.

Me and my friend went up to my barn real late. Being the girls we are we joke around about how something's going to get us just for the heck of it. My friend started getting the feeling something was watching us and that it was coming from the pond that we have. I laughed and said okay we can go back well I went on ahead of her to open the gate for us and I got there and I turned and she was frozen in place just staring at me with a really strange look on her face. She gets up to me and is looking all around me, I asked her what her deal was and she said that she thought that she saw a horse following me up to the gate when clearly my horses were in the separate pasture. I was freaked out because I always have felt like something followed me around up there but I never would have though anything of it, just your normal feeling when you enter the woods which surrounds our land.

Me and my same friend were out in my front field (which was where the lady committed suicide) and we were sitting there talking when we heard a lady scream our names. We both thought it was my mom but my mom wasn't there she had went to the store. We got freaked out especially when we heard the porch door slam shut. We hid in a big pine tree and watched but nothing came around and needless to say we didn't go in until my mom got back.

My mom and her boyfriend and I were sitting in our downstairs den one night and we were the only ones home that night. My mom and her boyfriend were on the couch and I was lying on the floor and I heard what sounded like someone walking from my grandparent's bed room to the stairs. The thing is the hall way was pretty long and the footsteps cleared the whole hallway in only 3 steps but never came down the stairs. Our dog was outside because I had just let her out and our cat was beside me, but the cat didn't budge when it happened like he usually would and my mom and her boyfriend claimed that they didn't hear it. About 30 minutes later it happened again only from the stairs to the bedroom and this time it got there it two steps, all of us heard it and the cat was looking up. I was very freaked out so I got up and went to the couch, from the part of the couch my mom's boyfriend was sitting on you can see up the stairs to the kitchen, my back was turned but my mom's boyfriend looked up and saw what looked like legs glide by the door. Her got freaked out and decided to leave when my grandparents got home. I contacted and psychic and she told me that the spirits fed off of fear and I was just humoring them.

I have stayed home alone plenty of times after that but I always have my dog with me because I never want to have that same experience again alone. I really do believe that my horse is watching over me especially since I can't be sure if what is at my house is evil or not. I have had more experiences but I don't feel like posting all of them, these are just my main creepiest ones. I hope that I won't have any more creepy experiences but who knows. Thanks for reading I hope I'm not the only one with these kind of experiences.

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