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What Do They Want With Me?

Julie, CA, USA
June 2005

I moved in with my boyfriend about 8 months ago. He lives in the house where his grandmother and Aunt Lou used to live, but they both passed away. His Aunt Lou being the last one to go, passed in her bedroom which is now our bedroom.

One day as I was cleaning in the bedroom, I heard some soft music playing in the front room and I was the only one home. I went to the front room and after looking for the source of the music, I found an old music box on top of the shelves over the couch. It was a music box that had belonged to his Aunt, and it was open and playing. Thinking nothing of it, I shut it and went on about cleaning.

Well, every now and then I would hear footsteps and then get this feeling like someone is standing behind me and I turn around and no one is there. Or I'm laying in bed and I will feel a hand on my shoulder, but we are both in bed.

There has been many things that have happened, but I would need a few pages to tell you everything.

One thing that has been happening that prompted me to write this is about a month ago, I was laying in bed and got this feeling like being watched. I rolled over and standing at the foot of our bed was a dark, tall figure staring at me. I started shaking, and kinda just curled into a ball, it was a very unfriendly presence. Tears started just flowing down my cheeks and I couldn't move, I was terrified.
My boyfriend woke up and asked me what was wrong and at that moment the presence just kinda dissipated. Since then we hear so much commotion at night from footsteps coming down the hall to our bedroom to seeing not only that same presence, but a couple others. They are not friendly at all, and since they have made themselves known, I don't sense his Aunts presence here anymore.

At night, my boyfriend wakes me up and tells me to quit talking. I tell him to quit talking to me then. He said he is sound asleep and wakes up because I'm talking in my sleep saying I don't want to go outside or unlock the front door, that it is too cold. I swear to him that I hear him telling me to go unlock the door or go outside.

We have both seen this tall dark figure in our room more than a handful of times. It scares my boyfriend so much we have to sleep with the light on when this happens. I don't know what it is they want, but they have shown themselves to me numerous times and they literally scare me to death.

I don't know how to get rid of them, but they have gotten rid of Aunt Lou, who was a very comforting spirit.

Julie, CA, USA
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