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What Exactly Was It?

Devon, FL, USA
January 2005

Hello. I am from Tampa, Florida and I love the city.However, I have a few ghostly hauntings from my life to share with you.

One night I was in my room watching TV, when I heard something from outside in my backyard. It kind of sounded like the sound a bag of chips would make when you shuffle it around. I decided to brush it off, as my favorite show was on. A few minutes later, I heard the sound again and I thought it must've been my dogs. Since it was a commercial, I decided to check it out. My bathroom right between my brothers and my room had a window which allowed you to see the whole backyard. I looked out and didn't see my dogs, but I saw something strange. It was a figure about 3 feet tall, it was human but it had like a lump on its head. It ran towards the fence and just vanished.I stood there for a few seconds scratching my head. Then I alerted my brother. He didn't believe me as I expected, and neither did my mom.I still wanted to check it out so I got a knife and a flashlight to go investigate. Nothing. Not a single trace.

A few weeks later it happened again. I walked into the kitchen to get a drink, when I heard the sound again. I jetted to the window and saw "it" again. It was the same thing. Only this time it was like a bluish color. I only saw it for 2 seconds before it vanished into thin air. I grabbed a knife and bolted for the backyard. It wasn't very dark outside but it was light enough for me to see it. I went out and checked all over. My dogs were in the house at the time so they couldn't have seen it, but I let them out to try and pick up a trace. I never found a thing.

This is the final story.

I was riding home on my bike from playing outside. It was a bit chilly outside but I didn't mind it. Then when I was about two houses down from mine, I saw "it" again. It was in the backyard of the house I was in front of, and they didn't have a fenced in yard so I could see it. This time it was sort of reddish and had about 2 or 3 bumps on its head. I was extremely petrified. I rushed to my house. Then I rushed back over to warn the neighbor. Of course it was gone by this time and they didn't believe me, but I knew "it" was there.

That was the last I saw of it. I still wonder to this day "What exactly was it?", as I just couldn't tell what it was.

Thanks a lot for reading!

Devon, FL, USA
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