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What Follows The Bright Lights?

Kristin, Canada
September 2007

This is an experience I had which probably happened close to a year and a half ago.

My husband and I were home one evening watching TV in the living room. All of a sudden, in the next room which is the dining room, there was a HUGE flash of bright blue light that lit up the entire dining room. A couple of seconds later it happened again, and only lighting up the dining room. I got up and went to the entrance of the dining room. At the time, we temporarily had a small TV in the dining room where my stepson had been playing Xbox. This TV, which had been turned off, was now turned on. The rest I will explain to the best of my ability:
Something then caught my attention. Close to 5 feet away directly in front of me and up towards the ceiling, there was a "blue ball of light" around the size of a football. (This whole incident didn't even startle me as it was happening.) I stood there silently staring at it as it hovered motionless. It did not move as it sat there, yet I swear it had some sort of energy, it was almost pulsating. After about 20 seconds of staring, it then "shot" down across the room and into my kitchen. It moved VERY quickly, and didn't move in the same shape of the ball. It was at that time more of a blue beam that shot down and into my kitchen. It shot all the way across my kitchen, and when it reached the floor it then started (for lack of a better way to describe it) emanating. It was still blue, about 2 feet wide and 4 feet high, and just started moving like a hazy smoke. At this time, I looked away from it, went back to the living room and told my husband. We both went to the kitchen right away, and there was nothing there.
My husband wasn't with me when this all took place, but he did see the 2 flashes of bright blue light which took place first. I also find it strange that as this was happening, it didn't strike me as anything weird as I was watching it. My husband was just around the corner and I didn't say anything right away.

About 2 months later, I was upstairs in my house, and I witnessed the bright blue flash of light upstairs. When this happened, I went straight downstairs. I wasn't scared of it the first time it happened, but I didn't want to see it again while I was alone in the house. Other than this, the only other thing that happened was during a sunny spring morning. My stepson and I were in another room in the house, and the room went black for a couple of seconds. It turned completely dark and black for a couple of seconds. I was going to pretend it didn't happen, but immediately after it happened my stepson asked me what it was. I told him the light bulb flickered, (even though the light wasn't on, and the bright sunshine was coming through the windows and lighting up the house.)

Kristin, Canada
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