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What Happens Now?

Anonymous, Jalisco, Mexico
October 2010

We live in an old "barrio" up in the hills in a town in Central Mexico. Much of the land before being developed was wild and unsettled; very few people lived up here. It has been said that the some of the land has "bad spirits" and doing bold things to change the status quo just invites trouble!

Across the street from us, there is a dilapidated dwelling that has experienced extended periods of being unoccupied. Somebody once moved in, a couple of years ago, but they moved out the very next day! Neighbors didn't want to talk about it (and we have super-gossipy neighbors) so I was really surprised when everyone "clammed up" when I asked why that family moved out so quickly.

Well last week, this property, after a long spell of vacancy, received some new inhabitants, a young family, planning on more children, they want to make improvements. They started off by adding lots of extra lights, inside and out, and right now they are in the process of expanding the windows to let in more light. They said that a "dark spirit" has been presenting itself (just to the adults) and to avoid fears for the kids, they've arranged to have a priest bless the house, and on their own initiative, are lighting it up as much as possible.

But the other night, when I KNEW they were not at home, I just happened to be glancing out our front windows, when I saw a dark shape sort of "glide" across their newly expanded windows. What was extremely creepy (and still sends chills down my back to recall it) was the second I took notice and really started looking at the dark shape, "it" stopped, seemed to turn around, and was "looking" at me! I quickly moved away from the windows to where I could see from an angle. The shape lingered a few seconds, but rather than moving off, left or right, it just sort of faded out!

Will I tell the new neighbors about this? I don't think so. I think they already know!

Anonymous, Jalisco, Mexico
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