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What Have You Done?

Livvy, NC, USA
April 2009

My home is a two story house. The downstairs is where the kitchen, living room, dining room, and the study are. Upstairs is the area that houses the bedrooms. Once you walk up the stairs, mine is the very first on the right.

I was home alone one day, my parents were still at work and my sister was at soccer practice. I was watching TV downstairs, when I heard something upstairs. I thought it was our dog, Starbuck, and dismissed it. Then, Starbuck walked into the living room from the kitchen. There was no way he could've gotten there without me hearing him! I was a little freaked out, but kept watching TV. Then, a voice called down the stairs, "What have you done?!" The voice belonged to a man, and he sounded angry. I thought it was my father, and then remembered that he wasn't there. The voice called again, "What have you DONE?!" It was a lot louder, as though it was descending the stairs. I heard a heavy thump on the stairs, proving my theory.

I jumped off the couch, just in time to see a very angry man get off the stairs. I'll never forget what he looked like. Black hair with some white in it, charcoal black eyes, tall, and with an expression of pure rage.

"What have you done you little tramp?!" He yelled at me. I didn't wait any longer and ran outside with Starbuck at my heels.

I stayed out there until my sister, Izzy, got home. She saw me in the backyard, hugging Starbuck and shaking from fear, and ran to me.

"What's wrong Livvy?" she asked me.

"There was a man in there! He yelled at me! I was so scared I ran out here!" I yelled.

"There's nobody home Livvy. Just us and Starbuck."

Izzy took my hand and led me inside. It looked like a tornado had hit the inside of our house. Papers were strewn everywhere and a chair was tipped over.

Our mother walked in as soon as we did and saw the mess.

"What have you done?!" she screamed.

I explained and got grounded for telling stories and making a mess.

To this day, I hate being home alone and make any excuse to leave when I'm in the position of being there alone.

Livvy, NC, USA
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