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What is in My Room?

Josh, Virginia, USA
February 2008

It all happened late one summer night. My girlfriend and I were asleep in my mother's two level town house. My buddy, Russ and his girlfriend, Kixie where downstairs asleep as well. I remember beginning to start to wake up but was still very groggy. All the sudden my touch lamp on my nightstand came on. I opened my eyes and looked at it and around my room. My girlfriend was fast asleep next to me. I tapped the touch lamp a few times until it was off. Rolled over and tried to go back to sleep. About 15 minutes later the same thing happened. I popped up and looked around to be greeted by just my room. This experience was testing my grit and I was loosing this one. I tapped the lamp off again and tried to go back to sleep. I do not know how much time passed but I was more asleep than awake finally. I felt like someone was standing over me watching me sleep. It was so awkward. Out of nowhere a voice echoed in my room. "God" in a male voice with a Latin accent. I sat straight up in bed and tapped the lamp on high. My girlfriend rolled over and groaned and told me to go back to bed. "Did you hear that?!?!"I asked frantically. "Yes I heard it, now go back to bed," she said sleepily.

With something like that happening I could not just roll over and go back to bed. So I told her I would be back I was going to get a drink of water. I walked the short walk to the stairs and down them into the living room where my buddy and his girlfriend were on a blow up mattress asleep. Russ looked up at me, he always slept light. I walked into the kitchen, poured myself a drink and just stood there thinking about what just happened. Eventually my girlfriend came down when I think she realized I wasn't coming back up.

We sat on the couch and were talking quietly when Russ and Kixie woke up. I didn't think anything really weird, until they started telling us stories about dreams they had where they were ghosts walking around my house. We talked for about two hours and the sun was due up soon. Russ and Kixie curled back up on the mattress and me and my girlfriend curled up on the couch. Almost as soon as we fell asleep Russ and Kixie were noticeably shivering and woke up complaining about how cold it was. Me and Michelle looked at each other in shorts and T-shirts. Out of nowhere we start to hear creaking as if someone was walking around in my room which was right above the living room. "Who or what is in my room?" As I got up and started walking up to it. "I'll come with you," Russ said, following me up.

We got to the hallway atop the stairs. There where only 5 doors up here, the bathroom and my mothers room on the left. My weight room and bedroom on the right, and a closet at the end. Not very big at all. I started to feel sick but followed Russ to my door, somehow it was closed; we assumed Michelle closed it when she came down. Russ flings it open and stops. "What? What do you see?" I asked him. "I can't move!" was his only response. "What do you mean?" I said, poking my head into the room. An over whelming sense of true fear came over me. My stomach knotted and my legs wouldn't work and a feeling that if I did not leave I was going to die. Somehow I mustered the will to break free, grabbed Russ by the shirt and yanked him out of the room slamming the door shut as we ran back downstairs. We get downstairs and we are out of breath. We recount the story to Kixie and Michelle all the while hearing whatever it was walking around in my room. We sit on the couch catching our breath and trying to regain our nerve.

The sun had come up already and morning birds were chirping. I found myself staring into the TV while I was sitting on the couch, and saw some strange looking man. I blinked and all of a sudden could see him as a spectral figure in my living room. He was older, with grizzle on his chin. His eyes where dark, with scraggly hair he hid under some sort of brown hat. His clothes were simple, brown trousers with a white shirt and a brown leather duster over it all.
That was the last thing I saw before he looked at me tipped his hat to me and stepped back into my TV.

I never found out what exactly happened in my mothers house that night, or why. But some months later I was talking with a friend of mine, telling each other ghost stories and he described a man that looked just like the one that was in my house.

Josh, Virginia, USA
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