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Julez, Montana, USA
April 2002

This happened in February of this year.

My friend has always had some weird things going on her her house and we have always joked around that it was a ghost.

Every once in a while weird things would happen. Such as levitating lamps and front doors opening and closing. Some times the dryer door would open and shut. Just little things basically.

One day in particular, weird things really started to happen. We got out of school at noon because we were having basketball games. (First of all you need to know that her mom and sisters were out of town at her sisters volleyball game. We live in a small town and they are the type of people that only lock thier door when they leave on vacation.) Well school got out and we were gonna go hang out at her house for 45 min before we had to go back to the gym. Well we pull into the driveway and walk up to the front door to go in - only it was locked. We kind of ignored that and went and got the hidden key thinking that maybe her mom locked it before they left town. Well we go inside and go upstairs and get some snacks and then go downstairs to mess on her computer and listen to music. Well not long after we had been downstairs we started hearing thumping and walking noises from upstairs. We knew we were the only ones there so we turned up the music to drown out the upstairs noises. It was about time for us to go back to the gym so we ran upstairs to get some things. It had been 15 min or so since we had heard any noises so we had kind of forgotten about them. As we got to the top of the stairs we notice that the lights were on. We hadn't turned on any lights. We kinda tried to laugh it off and we hurried and left. As we were pulling out of the driveway the big front door opened and then the screen door opened and then the big door shut and the screen door shut. We had made sure that we closed the doors. It was almost as if a "person" we couldn't see was leaving. We were really shaken up but as soon as we got to the gym we kind of forgot about everything again.

Well around 9 we left the gym and we hadn't thought of what happened earlier till we pulled into the driveway. I asked if she wanted to come to my house until her mom got back in town but she said to just go in and turn the lights on with her and she should be ok. Well we get to the front door and we go to open it only to find it is locked again. Her family was still out of town. We left screaming.

We went and drove around for about 10 min and then decided to go back. But first we went and found one of are guy friends to come with us. We get to the door and we unlock it. As we open the door her basement light was on. It is NEVER on. They never use it. Various other things were move and other lights on too. He checked things out and said it was all ok and that there was nothing visible there to hurt us.

I was gonna leave as her mom pulled into the drive way. We never told her what happened.

The next day we were sitting in her room and we noticed how things had been moved around. There is still a cross jammed between the door frame and the ceiling. We can't seem to get it unstuck.

Sorry if this is long. Thanks for reading.

Julez, Montana, USA
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