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What Is This Thing?

Anonymous, NY, USA
September 2009

I know my house is haunted. It's an old brownstone built in the 1800s, in a very old part of Brooklyn. I've experienced, and still experiencing things that would probably make a weak minded person end up in a mental institute. But, nothing is more frightening than what myself and one of my daughters experienced last month.

I was asleep one night when I was awaken by the sound of strong winds like it was storming outside. I sat up in bed still sleep dazed wondering if I left the air conditioner on out in the living room, because I know it's dangerous to have things like that on during a storm, especially if there's plenty lightening. At the same time, I'm wondering if I should put the fan on in my bedroom because it was roasting hot. Our bedrooms don't have air conditioners, we use fans. Then I wondered why this strong wind can only be heard out in my living room and not my bedroom as well, my bed is right next to a window.

I took a look outside...nothing. No rain, no winds, just a hot and calm summer night. There's no television in the living room, and the way this old building is situated, you walk out of one bedroom into the other-yes...we have no privacy from each other. Then in the last bedroom (mine), is the door that goes out into the hall where there's the bathroom, then that goes out to the living room and kitchen.

So I know my kids wasn't watching TV because we're in the same area of the house. Still, I can hear this wind in my living room, and it sounded as if it was getting stronger. Fully awake now, I lay back down in the bed and just listened. I heard the doorknob start jiggling, and my hot bedroom suddenly turned cold as if I had an air conditioner on full blast in there.

My door opened by itself, and I see this thing that looked about seven feet tall. It rushes towards me and came around to the side of the bed where I was laying, then bends down until it's face was just few inches from mine. I swear I felt my heart stop beating, I was so scared that my bladder emptied itself. I clearly saw the face of a baldheaded man, he had a mixture of anger and confusion on his face, and the rest of his body was just a black mist. Then he backed away from the bed, and in two-two's he and the stormy wind sound was gone.

A couple weeks later my oldest daughter experienced the same thing, but she told me that this thing hit her couple times in the ribs. I am terrified for myself and my kids, and don't want to see it again. What is this thing? Can anyone tell me?

Anonymous, NY, USA
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