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What My Father Said

February 2003

My story isn't much of a scary ghost story, but it's really creepy and sad to me.

I get these dreams that come true and I see or feel things that haven't even happened yet or I would get night visitors.

Most of my dreams have mixed messages and I would understand them but when I wake up, I'm not so sure. My father says that I have a gift and that I should be grateful.

For a long time, mostly my teen years, I denied it...but this last's different.

At the end of September of 2002, I had this dream that I was looking up at the sky, and watching this person glide through the air, above the buildings looking for something. That person had long white hair, down to it's hips and was wearing some kind of robe?? I couldn't tell if that person was a man or woman. All I knew was it was looking for something and I wasn't scared.

I kept watching it when it stopped and turned towards me, it came closer, gliding towards me. As it got closer I got scared but I just stood there waiting...for what? I didn't know. It stopped at about 5 feet away from me and it stared at me for a while, like it was challenging me but I just stood there waiting... That persons long hair waved back and forth with the wind and we stood there in silence... I was staring at this figure for such a long time that I didn't notice that the place I was at had changed and we were in a grave yard now. It turned and pointed towards 3 burned crosses and I realized something at that moment but I woke up before I could ask what?

That dream bothered me for a few days so I told my father about it, he said that person with the long hair could mean two things: Death or good life, It depends on what that person showed to you.

Three weeks went by and I still didn't understand so I put it aside and didn't think about it much after that. Two days later, 3 people died in a house fire three doors down from my home... I realized and I understood what that person was looking for... 3 souls. I was so sad at what happened I kinda blamed myself for not knowing soon enough. I know that there was nothing I could have done...but sometimes I wish I could have.

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