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What The Hell Was That?!

Terry, Washington, USA
March 1998

What I'm about to tell you is entirely true!

It all started out when a house was built in '89 and was soon sold to some people that loved parties, I mean loved! They drank there and got high off of you name it, weed, crack, paint glue etc. Soon one of the teenage girls there got some sort of cancer. It would prove fatal in just a few months. She was in the living room when she died a tragic death. Rumor has it, she was making out with her boyfriend when she passed away. Soon after, her mother and her sister both developed AIDS, this was a result from the cocaine they had been taking through dirty needles. The mother was the first to go since her eldest daughter. She died in her bedroom on the floor. Following that, her youngest died in that very room. The last thing anybody heard of her, was when she was hacking (coughing).

Now it is '98 and my friend has now moved from that house. But before when he was living there during the last year (1997) the strangest things started happening. My friend and I were the first to stay in the house. The only things in the house at that time was us, the sleeping bags, the portable television set we had, and some pop. The house had new paint and brand spanking new carpet. Anyway, as we were watching a movie, I heard something going on in the living room but I wasn't sure because the door was shut. I listened for a moment and then told my friend. He turned off the T.V. and listened... We could faintly hear a conversation in the other room. The downfall was we couldn't make out what the conversation was about, we could hear some sort of talking or whispering (keep in mind we were all alone). So we went out to the room to see what was going on, we were baffled to find that no one was in the house. There was not even a trace of anyone being in the house besides us. The doors were locked and the windows tightly shut. Well what did we do?... we simply dismissed it as a strong gust of wind. We soon returned to his bedroom and again watched T.V. Suddenly we both heard a loud bang. I said,"what the hell was that!?" We both looked at each other and then turned off the television set. My friend, having more guts than I, opened the door to his room slowly only to find his long hallway darkened to the point that he could only see the wooden sides of the now SHUT doors. He didn't say a word so I got up to find the exact same thing. What could of done this? I thought to myself. And I'm sure my friend was thinking the same. We cowardly shut the door and locked it. We just sat there on the floor hoping it wouldn't happen again, but sure enough we soon heard something else. This time in the form of a voice. It screechingly whispered, "I see you!" We both shuddered. What were we to do? I ran that through my head about a dozen times in just a few moments. Finally He said," lets get out of here!" I opened the door and looked down the narrow hallway, I started down it and my friend followed. We were soon at the door putting on our shoes, we had the light on as we did it.Then mysteriously the lamp went out. Damn what's next? Well to our surprise, the light flickered back on again and we could see a transparent like figure of a decaying woman! We both walked out the house and into his backyard and we stared at the evil house. As we stared, the lights came on all at once! Then went off again and then the bedroom light came on and lasted about a minute or so before it flickered and shut off as well. We were speechless! Then we looked around and noticed the unusual fog that lay heavily around us. Then I swear I heard some dog chains rushing towards us. We had no choice but to run to the neighbors home, who we had never met before. The neighbor happened to be a really religious man and so he came and blessed the house for us. We stayed at his house till morning. When we arrived back at the house the cupboards and the drawers were all wide open.

Ever since the neighbor blessed the house there have been no more problems whatsoever there except for the heating system. It was broken.

Now the house is currently a "party" house. Who knows, it could all happen over again... history is known to repeat itself!!!

Terry, Washington, USA
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