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What Time Was It?

Anonymous, Adelaide, Australia
November 2011

One time my mum, my sister, my other sister, and their friend were sitting down by my pool in the back yard. To the right of my garden we have a very long silver shed which is covered by bushes, and the pool is at the very back of the garden. I was standing in my kitchen doing the dishes one time and I was daydreaming and just staring out the window (I can't see the pool area because the bushes are in the way).

I was just staring out of the kitchen window day dreaming when my Nephew walked into the kitchen. he walked over to the back door trying to get outside but he wasn't allowed outside so I walked over there and locked the net door so he couldn't get out.

I walked back over to the sink and started to wash the dishes and I heard some one running up the pathway from the pool area. I looked up and thought it was my sisters friend so I walked over to the back door to unlock it and they were still heading up the path. Her hair looked very wet and her clothes were dripping I thought that she might of went into the pool.

I realised I didn't have the key to unlock the door so I walked over to get it. When I walked back she was standing with her back to me. I said her name and she half turned round before running around to the side gate. I didn't hear it open so I unlocked the door and went around to the side gate and no one was standing there but I saw wet foot prints. I went down to the pool area and said to my sisters friend, "Why were you just running around the back garden?"

And that when I realised she wasn't wet.

I have seen that girl since and she is always standing there by the back door. I don't know what she is or who she is and I don't really want to find out!

Anonymous, Adelaide, Australia
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