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What Was That? (1)

Rachel, PA, USA
June 2003

I know stories that happen in the "olden days" people might not think are true. There is one story in my family that has been told for years that is true.

My great-grandmother lived down in the valley. When she was little something very strange happened that she would never forget.

The house that she lived in was very ordinary. All of the rooms were connected so that you can walk all the way through the house.

One day when everyone was in the living room, my great-grandmother and great-great-grandfather heard water splashing on the floor. When they approached the kitchen they heard what sounded like galloping through the house. On the kitchen floor was a cup and water. They kept following the noise around the house until they heard the back door open and shut. My great-great-grandfather ran outside.

Now I think I should tell you that in the back of their house was a big hill. When everyone glanced up the hill they saw a half man and half horse object running up the hill. When it turned around they saw it's human like face. It picked up a rock and threw it at the people watching it run away. The rock hit somebody's foot. Now I'm not quite sure who's foot it hit but I was told that their foot wasn't the same again.

Now I know that some people might think that this was all made up but it wasn't. My great-grandmother was a VERY honest person and would never lie to anyone.

Thanks for reading my true story!

Rachel, PA, USA
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