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What Was That? (3)

Adriana, TX, USA
February 2002

My name is Adriana. I am from Dallas Texas. My dad once told me an experience that he had. My dad was born in San Angelo Tx. He has three brothers and one sister. He explained to me that one night he and his brothers were outside playing catch. There was only one light that lit up the street and they were kind of on a hill but not quite at the top. My uncle threw the ball to my dad and he didn't catch it. So he went after it. It rolled down the other side of the hill. My dad told me that while approaching the top of the hill he began to hear bells. Not loud bells but kind of like the ones you would hear at Christmas time. He said it sounded like there were hundreds of them. As he got to the top he was just about to head down the other side where the ball went when he saw something walking towards him. He said it looked like a dog only it was walking on two legs and it had a human like face. He explained that it was covered in bells. My dad was so scared and he tried to turn around to run but for some reason he couldn't. The eyes of the "demon" as he says, were fixed on him and he couldn't look away. Then he said that the "demon" turned and went in between some houses. Thats when my dad ran. He told my uncle's what he had seen, but they didn't believe him. They said that he was full of it. So they went home.

My dad had trouble sleeping that night. A few weeks later he and his friends were in the garage in the backyard, it was kind of their hang-out place, and they were doing the "normal guy things" as he said, and he was telling them about the night he had seen the "demon" and they were telling him he was crazy. Then the strangest thing happened they heard the bells... They were all scared out of there minds but wouldn't admit it. So they decided to move there little get together inside the house.

As far as anything else happening I don't think anything else has. But my dad still swears on everything that he saw a demon and he feels like it was out to get someone. Luckily it wasn't him.

Adriana, TX, USA
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