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What We Found

April 2000

This is a true account of "spirits".

My best friend and I were attending a elementary school function though we no longer attend this school as we are presently enrolled in college. We had to use the restroom about halfway through the program and were not that familiar with the plans of the school any longer. We did not want to disturb anyone so we went out to search for a bathroom.

In time we came upon a door that lead to a passageway and suddenly forgot about our need to go to the bathroom because of our interest. People have always told us that we were to curious and one day that would lead us to something bad. In this case we agree.

So we went down this passageway and came upon a dead end. It looked as though there used to be a door there but was painted over. We searched for a doorknob and came upon nothing. We got tired of searching and leaned discouragedly against the "wall". To our utter surprise the "wall" gave way and we fell into a dark room. My friend and I advanced a few paces into this room and to our dismay the door swung closed and the lights dimly flickered on. We went to try the door but it was tightly sealed. We looked for where there could have been a lock but there was none in sight. I fact we found ourselves facing a wall much similar to the one we had entered through. The door suddenly became painted over. My friend and I who have always been able to keep our heads in the face of danger and always search for a logical explanation were unable to find one.

We then looked at our surroundings and found ourselves in an old boarded-up locker room. Then the strangest thing happened the showers went on and we heard laughing female voices. We have always been interested in any sort of paranormal activity so we tried to communicate with them.

We called out "is anyone there?" and the walls seemed to scream our names. Growing very frightened at this new discovery we tried to run back towards the door but all of the sudden a big metal drum fell and nearly hit us. The showers then went off and we heard screaming. The atmosphere of the room changed and we found ourselves in a newer locker room and saw the people who must have been the owners of the voices. The door burst open and fire swept the room. The girls ran and screamed and my friend and I ducked for cover. We were screaming too. From our position we saw the flames engulf the occupants of the room. All of the sudden the room went back to it's normal atmosphere and we found the door standing wide open. We fled to the main auditorium and found that the program was nearly finished.

Dreams of our encounter haunted us for months. In the end we decide to question the head of administration about what had happened in the school in the past. He would tell us nothing but told us that the local library would have copies of old newspapers dating back decades.

We went to the library that afternoon and found some clippings of a mysterious fire that occurred at the school in 1958. We then decided that what we had seem must have been the spirits showing us what had happened. After we knew what had happened there we got calls for help in the nights. This happened until one day we reread the articles and discovered that there were cemetery plots of the victims. We visited the plots and told hem that we knew what had happened. The dreams and callings then stopped.

This may seem as though we made this up. We have been told by our peers that we imagined the whole thing. We assure you that this is absolutely true.

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