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What Were Those Things?

Wajeeha Iftikhar, Pakistan
February 2003

Iwas sitting one afternoon doing my 'A' Level Physics last year, when I felt a softness at the back of my neck. Thinking it to be my mom, as it was her habit to come and rub my neck affectionately on seeing me work, I turned around with a smile-and got the shock of my life! There was absolutely no-one there or around my room! And to top it all, the feeling at my neck disappeared simultaneously as I had turned around.

The first thing that came in my mind was that the spirit we called in 2001 was still in my room. That happened in August 2001, and this happened in around April '02. I wasn't willing to believe in spirits yet, so just in case, I ran out of my room and checked all over the house. There was no sign that my mother had come to my room! That was the second shock of my life concerning spirits.

The first shock was when my cousin came to spend her holidays with us and called a spirit for fun. She wanted me to believe in spirits, whereas she already did.

We did the routine: making the chart, chanting if there was any good spirit passing....., etc. And then it happened: the planchette actually started moving. I said to my cousin that she was moving it, she took her finger off the planchette and it still kept moving. I almost believed it. Then our moms wanted us in the kitchen, so we had to close it. Obviously, to close the chart, we had to send the spirit away. But as no-one would have expected she refused (We had asked if she was a woman and the planchette went to "yes"). Shocked, the other cousin who was small, and yet sitting there to watch us but not taking part in it personally, ran out of the room to get her brother! When he came, we were just promising our spirit that we'll surely call her the next day. Finally she left. We heaved a sigh of relief and ran into the kitchen.

Although these two incidents point to the same explanations: there was someone supernatural in the room, I'm still looking for a better explanation and I might get it from somewhere. I have a book called "Hauntings" which gives all kinds of explanations for these kinds of events, but so far, it has been no good.

And even if there are explanations for the above events, there is surely none for the following.

My cousins, the same ones as above, I'll call the girl A and the boy as a2, the youngest not concerned here. We slept in my room at night, because of the air conditioner in my room. A and I used to sleep in my bed and a2 slept on a mattress on the floor. Because a2 was very naughty, and used to sneak up on the sides of the bed to scare me or A.

That night we were facing each other, so that we could look for a2 over each other's shoulders, when A suddenly turned and saw a head like shadow beside her just as if a2 was there. I saw it too, and we both, angry first, shouted at once his name. The shock came when a2's voice came from under his covers on the floor. He was sleeping! He woke up at our shout!

Scared stiff, we couldn't do anything until a2 pulled at our sheets, (another naughtiness of his) shaking us out of our reverie. Then shaking with fright, we told him what had happened. White as sheet himself, he swore that he was fast asleep (we could see he was serious and not bluffing), then saying "Nonsense! You girls!" lie back down to go to sleep. We didn't lie down. We tried to soothe each other, and kept sitting up on bed, looking at a2 as well. He suddenly sat up from under his covers, and made us swear we were telling the truth. When we did, he finally smiled and said let's have a competition to tell jokes. We all smiled weakly at each other, and did so. All I remember after that was that it took us almost morning to fall back asleep. And even putting the nightlight very near us didn't help soothe us (The nightlight used to be little farther from us). This happened last year (late July'02).

What were all these things, can any of you give ANY explanation???????? Help!

Wajeeha Iftikhar, Pakistan
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