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Whatch Where You Sleep

Chantelle, WA, Australia
September 2004

The Philippine islands are rich with mysterious creatures and strange phenomenon as well as the occasional "bump" in the night. I myself have witnessed strange happenings on my trips to the Pilipino islands. I have also heard many stories of creatures that aren't exactly, well... human.

My first experience happened in October last year, just after I turned 15. My mother, brother and I had landed in Manila, the capital, and after a long nights flight, we decided to check into a one of the hotels closest to us. Now this hotel wasn't exactly fancy, but nor was it expensive, so we were fine with that as we were only staying in for one night, for the next day we would be catching a boat to the Leyte (Lay-Tee) islands.

I remember when I first stepped in through the entry doors to the hotel; I felt a rush of cold air brush past me causing the hairs on my arms to stand on end. I didn't take much notice of it since I was mighty tired and in need of sleep. It would have been around 2am when my first and most memorable experience happened...

I had just walked into the room I would be spending the night in when something caught me eye. In the far right end of my room, I saw what seemed to be a misty black shadowy figure. It was tall, around 7 ft. It had glowing red bulbs floating restlessly around where human's eyes would have been. It seemed to be staring straight at the bed from the angle the red eyes. At that same moment, the room suddenly went deathly cold. I could feel its presence? and I felt it was evil. Very evil.

The wardrobe door started slamming open and shut repeatedly and my blanket was mysteriously dragged right to my feet from 6 meters across the room by unseen hands. Now that I think about it, it is quite spooky to conjure up the thought that the figure may have been inviting me to sleep. Imagine that, it dragged my blanket 6 meters across the room right to my feet, possibly inviting me to sleep. I stood there, eyes wide open, scared out of my wits. I could feel my body sway from side to side and my breathing begin to get heavier. The mist gained shape. It was the shape of a man? and it turned towards me. Its eyes turned with his head and they settled just above the middle of where his face may have been. He seemed to be staring straight through me. The rest of his body turned toward me. I couldn't move, I couldn't feel my arms or legs but I was standing, looking at this? humanly shadow stare straight at me with red glowing eyes. And all of a sudden it rushed towards me, and evaporated just inches from my faces. The strange thing was I could feel no brush of air blow past me. I felt nothing? Just a sense of relief.

Now I know you all may be thinking that I was sleepy and I would have been seeing things, but how do you explain the blanket lying in front of my feet after I snapped back to reality?

Chantelle, WA, Australia
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