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When I Was Little

Katie, North Dakota, USA
April 2002

I don't actually know if this is a true story or not, all I know is that my Mom and sisters believe that I had the ability to speak to ghosts when I was younger. I don't remember anything but bits and pieces.

We used to live in a house where a man hanged himself. His name was Randy. My parents didn't even know about him until after I started to talk to him. He was a mischievous man. My mother would leave me in the kitchen alone and come back within seconds, and all of the cupboards would be open, with all of the dishes on the floor. One day Randy even convinced me to cut my hair. I was four at the time.

I remember sneaking into my sisters' room after they had left for school. When my mother found me with my long beautiful hair around me on the bed I told her "but Mom, Randy said I'd look cute with short hair." At least that is the story she gave me.

The other experience was when I was two-years-old. We lived in a house where I used to speak to an old lady and a baby. I called the woman "The Little Old Lady That Rocked In Daddy's Chair After Daddy Went To Sleep." That was her title. Mom said that late at night she would check on me to see if I was in my crib, and I wouldn't be. She never knew how I got out of it. She would go to the living room and I would be talking to the chair, the one that would be rocking all by itself. There was only one incident with the baby. In that same house I would so frequently get scared that I would climb into my mother's bed with her.

One night, while my Mom was doing some late night work she heard me screaming and ran to her room to see what the matter was. I was screaming at the corner "Your so mean you put suckers in her eyes." I do remember screaming those words, but I don't remember anything else about it, I was only two-years-old after all.

In the years to come I would see strange things or hear strange things, sometimes even today. I don't remember ever talking to ghosts or anything else for that matter. I hope one day my memory will come back to me so I know what went on in those strange houses.

Katie, North Dakota, USA
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