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When I Was Young

Diego Mendez, Mexico
August 1999

It starts when I was 2 years old (my sister told this story to me).........

One night my parents went out to a party and left my sister (who was 7 at the time) and myself alone in the house. The house was very big and when there weren't many lights, it was very freaky, so my sister got to my parents room and closed it, it was in the upper part of the house.

At midnight my sister heard a noise, like when the door was opened and closed, so she thought that it was my parents that had arrived from the party, so she went down shouting: "Dad, Mom!!" but there was no answer. Then she saw a light coming out from the kitchen, it wasn't a very bright light but it illuminated a big part of the living room. She started to walk through the living room to the kitchen trying to see what the light was but when she was about to enter the kitchen the light started to diminish like the flame of a candle when it goes out, the light disappeared totally. My sister then began to scream and ran to our parents room and locked the door (taking me in first). Locking it wasn't enough for her so she took the fan and used it to bar the door. She climbed into the bed and eventually fell asleep.

About 1 hour and a half hours later, she awoke and saw the fan lying on the floor and the door open, she screamed for our parents but nobody answered, and a light appeared in the room, she got up and ran to close the door again and ran back to the bed crying and screaming until she again fell asleep.

My parents arrived an hour later and took us to our room and I have never seen another strange thing such as this again.

Diego Mendez, Mexico
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