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When The Lights Go Out!

Diane MacDonald, Nova Scotia, Canada
April 2000

Idon't know how it is where your from but one of the things that we do for fun around here is go to the YMCA for a sleepover... use to be anyways.

One of the sleepovers I went to a staff member that I've known for a while told us all a ghost story about how one night the janitor of the Y was locking up and he made sure he turned off all the lights in the building and went outside to his car to go home when something gave him a shiver (it was a perfectly warm summer night)and made him turn around to glance up at the equipment room where the light was on and he knew he turned it off so he went back in the building and turned off the light and went back out to his car and got about half way down the sidewalk when he turned around again to see the light on again so he went back into the building and turned off the light and went back outside and sure enough the light was on again, but he said forget about it and dismissed it as something wrong with the fuse box that he would get to in the morning. So he went home but he couldn't stop thinking about the light so he called a friend that he knew that lived across the road from the Y and asked him if the light was still on he said "I know your not gonna believe this but the light just went out."

Me and my friends that were staying in the Y that night thought that the staff member was trying to scare us so we just kind of shrugged it off but we all decided we were going to stay up all night because if you stayed awake the whole night you got a free swim pass so we stayed up and me and my one of my friends saw something in front of the window (we we were all sleeping on the floor in the work out room across the hall from where the equipment room used to be) we thought it was just a shadow from something or we were just so tired we were imagining things so we ignored it and sure enough about a 1/2 an hour later the figure was gone but something caught my eye in the doorway I asked another one of my friends if they saw it too and they did. It was like a shadow but there was no light in this room except for a tiny bit from the hallway!

The next day when I went in to use my free pass I saw the janitor mopping the floor and I asked about what I heard about the lights going on and off in the equipment room and he confirmed that it did indeed happen!!

Needless to stay I stick to the movies and the mall for hangouts!

Diane MacDonald, Nova Scotia, Canada
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