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When You Know They're Watching You

February 2006

Hiya =) I have tons of ghost stories but I only have two that had happened to me. I experienced these when I was little, but I remember them very clearly. The first story is more angelic than ghostly. The last story freaked me out and is definitely the scary type. Enjoy!

When I was still in Elementary School, I used to go there from the mornings to the evenings during summer. You could go there for cooking class, Spanish or whatever else just for fun. At least once or twice a week they took you on field trips to the movie theater or to the ice rink. Sometimes it could get pretty boring on long days when there was nothing to do. But at least my friend was there with me.

Anyway, it was a hot summer's day. Only a few people were outside. Eventually me and my friend got on the subject of her deceased aunt and my deceased dad. On that topic, as usual, I got to where I felt like crying. That was when I(for some reason. I don't quite remember why) turned around and a perfect "R" was up in the sky. It was my first initial.

I told my friend to look and when she did, she said "Wow." It was large and almost right above us. There were no other clouds around. The sky was a pretty blue. A plane couldn't have created it. If it did, The "R" would have been faded-like, and the plane would have left behind some trace of smoke probably, like a jet. Why would any kind of plane, especially a stunt plane or something, make an "R", anyway? It was as if it was screaming out to say this was in no way a coincidence. It looked like it was made out of ten thousand cotton balls. It may have been slanted, but nonetheless perfect.

I still don't know what to say about that. For my friend, it made her believe there absolutely had to be a God. For me, it made me believe loved ones really do watch over you.

This other story happened in yet a another daycare center. My mom had to go to meetings that were held in a church. The daycare was right inside. My mom would drop me off, then just head to her meeting a few doors down. She didn't take me because she said it wouldn't have been fun. One time I did, and found out a bunch of people would talk for an hour about things that had to do with the church. So I stuck to the daycare.

The first few times nothing happened. At least 3-5 other kids were always there, and maybe two babysitters. One time, there were no other kids, and one babysitter. Still we played with the toys or a game of hide and go seek.

I was walking across the room when I happened to glance over to the side. About 10 or 15 ft away was a doll with long, chestnut curly hair, lightish green eyes, freckles and a shiny, pretty green dress to match the eyes. But something was not right...and then I noticed. It's eyes were following me. Nothing else moved. Just the eyes. I stopped. But instead of screaming my head off and running to the baby-sitter like most kids, I walked back and forth to see if it did it again. It did. Soon enough, the babysitter became curious and asked me what I was doing. I told her to watch the doll while I walked back and forth. When the babysitter saw the moving eyes, she seemed shocked, because she did not take her eyes off the doll.

She suggested it could be the batteries. Even at that age I knew it couldn't have been the batteries. A doll's eyes can be made to blink. You know, when you lay them down they shut there eyes. When you pick the doll up, the eyes open. I also do not think a normal doll's eyes could roll so smoothly back and forth or sense where I was. At that time, I was excited that something so strange happened to me. I told my mom. At first she thought I was kidding. When she found out I was serious, she said there had to be a logical explanation. Now, I'm more freaked out than excited.

But maybe there was some sort of logical explanation for the doll. However, my mom and my family truly believe that The "R" Story was real.

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