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White Diamonds

Mike Keefe, Pennsylvania, USA
October 1998

My mother's mother was diagnosed with cancer in her throat when I was about 15. With good care and surgery, she was having an excellent recovery when she suddenly came down with an infection that killed her very quickly.

My whole family was shocked and saddened. She was the cornerstone of our family and we used to meet at her house almost once a week for coffee and danish (although I always wished they had donuts).

About two weeks after she died I was sitting on my bed watching television when I smelled something really flowery. I thought that my mother was putting on perfume or cleaning. I asked her, but she was downstairs watching TV. She came into my room, but by then the smell was gone.

A couple of days later when I got home from school, I smelled it again as I was unpacking my things. Only this time, it was stronger, AND I recognized it. It was my grandmother's perfume: "White Diamonds". I whispered, "Hi Grandmom." and it lingered around for a few more minutes and disappeared.

I told my mom about it and she said that her sister had told her that she smelled their mother's perfume in her house the day before.

I guess my grandmom was "making the rounds."

Mike Keefe, Pennsylvania, USA
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