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White Eyed Ghost

Richy, illinois, USA
April 1999

I was really young when I had my first encounter with the "after-life". I was maybe only 9 or 10 when it happened and I have never forgotten it. I probably never will.

I was one of those kids who would go looking for trouble, looking for ghosts or Sasquatch or what have you, but I never really expected to find anything. It was just fun and games ya know and soon I figured thats how it would stay. Well one night when I was looking for it all, it found me.

My mom and I were home alone. I had watched my dad and two other siblings leave only minutes before, and there was no doubt in my mind it was just us there. We had sat down to watch a movie and for about 15 minutes we weren't interrupted. Well soon after, we heard the toilet flush. That was kind of odd. We were both there and we were the only ones there. Of course I looked out into the hallway (we had a very small house mind you) and thats when I saw "It".

The door opened and I seen a tall, very tall figure actually, walk out of the bathroom. It was completely black showing no signs of clothes or anything, just a black macabe. The figure stopped looked over at me, and its eyes were a glowing white. It illuminated the entire face, except for the fact that there was no face. Like its body it was all black. I could only faintly see and outline for a hairline. Anyways, the thing turned away from me and continued forward........directly into my room.

Now I'm not a fearing person. There isn't much of anything that scares me, so of course I stayed in my room that night. Like most cases of ghostly behavior, my room was oddly cold. That couldn't be good. Now this next part really is a stretch just coming from my own self, the one who experienced it, I felt compelled to ask the man a question and what's usually the first question you ask someone who you just met? "what's your name?". About a minute after I popped the question I heard in a fairly normal tone, "Dan". It wasn't like a dark, raspy sounding voice, very regular like an everyday person.

I asked one more question. "Are you going to hurt me?" He answered once again a minute later, I'd never hurt my own. Now this really scared me. Not so much then because I didn't think much of it. But as I look back now, it really scares me. Heres why.......

Years later, I checked back on that night. I had heard many stories, very, very many stories from others who had the same experience in different houses.The only thing that differed was the height of the ghosts. Some short, some very tall, some just regular. I looked for any possible link of why. I found out that our town was once a huge coal mine, which is why most of our houses have sloped, hilly front yards. It appears that many of the workers were killed down there during a mine collapse, right near my home. And what was the name of one the workers? Danny Neubar.

The really scary thing is that I had been working as a coal miner for the last three years. I quit a week later.

Richy, illinois, USA
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