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White Figure

Daniel Gale, UK
May 2005

All my experiences started in the summer holidays three years back in 2002.

I had finally broken up from school and since my older brother and father were away in France, the rest of my family and I were heading out to the beach.

Needless to say I was excited about being out of school finally so I ran round to my room to get changed. I went in and began to get out of my uniform and I heard footsteps. My little brother has a thing about jumping out on me so I went to stop him.

When I got to the door, I opened it slowly to scare him and then realised nobody was there. I turned round to look down the corridor towards my mothers room and I saw a white figure walking into her room. I immediately had a wave of sadness run through me, like somebody had died, and I burst into tears, running into the living room. My mother immediately hugged me and asked if I was hurt but all I said was "your room, your room." She ran round there to see what I had seen, expecting to find an intruder, only to see nothing. I then told her about the figure and we asked whoever it was to come out. Nothing showed so we went out as quick as possible. On returning to our house later that evening, everything seemed calm and we went to sleep pretty soon.

Later in the holidays, my mother told me that when my father was away, she had the strangest feeling of not being along. She had shrugged it off as being angry at my dad (who was often out at a club) and feeling upset. But since I told her about what I had seen, she wasn't too sure. That night, I saw the figure again, except this time I saw her face, it was that of an older lady, but not a person I recognised.

My father left in the November that year and often, my mother spent a night in her room crying, since she was missing him. The scary thing was that when an argument broke out about it, or someone was crying, things would move. One night, my mother was laying on the sofa and an argument began between me and my father over the phone. She watched her arm as three scratches appeared. Once I had hung up the phone and the atmosphere returned to calm, the scratches were gone.

This sounds a bit weird, I know, but I found out from somewhere that Poltergeists are most active when the atmosphere is unsettled. Often when there was a bad atmosphere (from an argument or crying) things would move, to the point that one night two cereal boxes crashed off a cupboard from which they had been resting finely on for the whole day. I know they could have just fallen but these were full boxes which had been fine and pushed against the wall, not leaning over the edge.

Since my home has returned to a calm place, now we have all gotten over our parents divorce, the movements and scratches have stopped. My mother often says there is a feeling of someone else in her room, and we think it could be my auntie Shirley. Sometimes, we get the scent of cigarette smoke, my auntie Shirley always used to smoke. The funny thing is, it is only ever when we are having fun or laughing. My mother tells me that is because my auntie always used to want to know what was so funny and wanted to know what the fun was.

I still sometimes see the white figure, but she never seems to move, she is always by the foot of my bed. I think I am the only one to see her but I am most certain that is not a dream. She is never threatening, just stands and watches over me. I am not sure of my estates history or if it is on any land which could cause spiritual unrest. There is no history of murder or death in my house either. I think it is just someone who looks over me to check I am OK.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story and I hope some of you have also had a good experience with ghosts like I have.

Daniel Gale, UK
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