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White Figure In The Forest

October 2005

I live in a small town in Ohio called Troy, which is not far from a relatively large town called Vandalia. One night, I went out to a large forest in Vandalia with some friends: Benito, Sebastian, and Jacobi. (Not their real names, because they don't know I'm posting it here.) We frequently go on "ghost hunts" in local forests and other spots that we hear are haunted. Usually, we don't find anything but it's still a lot of fun to just hang out in a creepy forest at 3:00 AM.

We were all dressed in military/hiking type gear. We brought machetes and bowie knives to hack through all the overgrowth along the way. We walked maybe 1/2 mile into the forest and arrived at a firepit, where we made a nice big fire. We had brought a Ouija board with us. So all 4 of us gathered around it and asked if there were any spirits out there. It moved to yes. We then asked what it's name was. It spelled out "RH." Initials maybe? We asked if it will show its self and it moved to "No". Sebastian thought that it would work best with only 2 people, so Jacobi and I moved back to the campfire and spent an hour or two smoking cigarettes and cutting more firewood. A few minutes later, Benito moved back to the fire with us and Sebastian went off into a clearing away from the fire. He lit some candles and went into a state of meditation. He sat there for maybe half an hour and then he called us over. He pointed in off into the trees and we saw a blueish-white glowing figure walking off in the distance. It just stood there for a few seconds, then it began walking. We were all pretty creeped out by then. We sat there watching it for a good while. Then it slowly faded away. We were all sort of disappointed that we didn't get to see it up close, but it was still quite an experience.

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