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White Noise

Diann, New Mexico, USA
October 2006

I cannot say I've ever been a firm believer of white noise. However, the experience I am about to share with you makes me wonder otherwise...

Late one night I had stopped over at my boyfriend's house to visit, and we were sitting on the couch when he asked me if I wanted some tea. He went into the kitchen to boil some water and I stayed there watching SNL. He's told me before that once in awhile the T.V. in his living room will randomly turn on by itself or the picture will turn to static for a second and then return to normal.
I walked into the kitchen to help him and we were talking until I stopped when I heard the T.V. turn to static. I looked at him then walked around the corner into the living room to fix it. I thought nothing of it and stopped to stare at it when I got into the room. It was complete grey static, and I was going to ask him why his T.V. does that when he walked around the corner to stand next to me?. As soon as he did the screen changed and for a split second I saw an image that has been burned into my mind ever since. On the screen was a sharp line running diagonally from the top right hand corner down to the left. Everything up in the left corner was static, but in the lower right half I could see two figures facing me. They had outlines like ours but larger heads and eyes. One stood in the front near the middle of the screen and the other stood further to the right in the background. They were a light grey like the rest of the screen and they're outlines were easy to distinguish, but they're eyes were a shade of black that stood out from everything else. They stood there for less than a second and then in a flash they were gone. The screen turned back to SNL while I stood there, thinking I had gone mad until my boyfriend looked at me and asked "Did you just see that?" When we described it to each other our stories matched perfectly. Needless to say I passed on tea that night and very casually, but very quickly, headed for the door.

Diann, New Mexico, USA
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