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White Pants and His Friends

Chelsea Swan, NSW, Australia
February 2002

About five years ago, my grandfather died at his home in Waratah of a suspected heart attack. That night, I took it upon myself to go and comfort my grandmother by staying the night with her. As I was told he was found in the spare room in which I sleep generally, I felt it safer to sleep with my grandmother, which was stupid really, because I was sleeping on the side my grandfather would normally sleep. I awoke at 2am to the feeling of cold feet on my legs.

Thinking it was my nan, I rolled over to move her, when I saw the body and 'see through' head of my pop laying next to her with his arm around her, saying goodbye. Normally I would be frightened out of my wits, but I just had this overwhelming sense of peace and calmness.

From that day on, I have had frequent encounter with my grandfather, or what I think is my grandfather.

Once when I was drying my hair upside down, I saw these distinctive white pants and shoes walk past me. Thinking it was my mother, I started talking to it. The funny thing was that at that moment my mother walked in and wanted to know who I was talking to, so I think my mother thought I was going insane.

Another situation has been when I have been laying in bed on my stomach, and have seen the white pants and shoes standing beside my bed, but when I look up, nothing!.

There is also many other spirits that live in my house (not the alcoholic kind, LOL), including that of the black phantom that roams around up stairs and continually scares mum to death and sometimes takes it upon itself to come into my room when I'm sleeping. Or the time I was in the house alone trying to think of the last lyrical words to a song, when a mans voice sung my forgotten words into my right ear. I often chastise them for scaring mum, which I now regret, because I haven't seem them for a long time, but now and again, I can feel their presence.

I used to be scared of them, now they are like apart of the family.I don't pretend to be some kind of psychic or someone who can communicate with the deceased, but think I am openly able to know and feel them when they are near.

I'm sorry this is so long, but so will be my life with these ghostly friends be. LOL.

Chelsea Swan, NSW, Australia
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