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Who's Out There? (1)

NSW, Australia
August 2001

All of 7 years ago, before I moved here to Australia I truly believed I had a paranormal experience back at my place.

It all happened one night when I was just about comfortable under my doona in the cold winter's evening. My breathing was slow and rhythmic as I was nodding off to the blissful world if sleep. Shortly I heard someone or something breathing right up behind me. It was long and labored as if someone was struggling to take in their breath. I thought I was hallucinating at first, and to that effect stopped breathing myself for a short while to see if that was me. To my horror the breathing continued, except now it was as if someone had just cuddled up right beside me. I had never known fear could disable you so much, the hairs on my neck bristled up on end as the next breath this entity took I felt it blowing right onto my neck.

I picked up my teddy bear, screamed bloody murder and raced downstairs as fast as my legs could carry me to my mother and insisted someone was in that room.

My mother came back up with me, switched the lights on asked in a sarcastic voice if anyone was there before ordering me back to sleep, which I did between my parents in their bed that night.

Few days later my parents took off reluctantly to a social event and left me home for a few hours alone. Sleepy, I picked up my dog went upstairs and promptly fell asleep. Only to be awakened a few hours later by my dog's growling, I woke up fully and my heart leapt to my mouth, the dog was looking at something at the foot of my bed, and he had this low unsure growl with his ears perked up and was staring at something. There was a sound as if someone was breathing, only this time it was louder as if it knew I was home alone. My dog took charge and started barking loudly, and I mustered up my last ounce of courage and asked It loudly "what the hell do you want? leave me alone I can't help you!" With that I heard my bedroom door open and a cold rush of air blow past me before "it" slammed the door shut after it.

I have never heard from "it" again and I sincerely pray I never will.

Thank you all for your time.

NSW, Australia
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