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Who's Out There? (2)

Marco Poda, Philippines
April 2006

It was December 2002. I got home one night from school(Friday), my mother was preparing to leave for the hospital because my brother was attacked again by the usual pain in his abdomen so he had to stay at the hospital for a while. My mom asked me to go with them (mom was with my 2 younger brothers) but I always had an uncomfortable feeling sleeping in a hospital or in somebody's house, so I was left in the house alone. It was already 8:00pm when mom left and told me that she would return back home the next early morning.

For five hours, all I did was just watch T.V. and play with my two pet dogs until I felt sleepy. Before lying on my bed, I turned on the light in the kitchen.
A short description of our house; our house is just a small place where 5 people could fit in. The main door is about 20 feet away from the gate. When entering the main door, there is the living room. About 1 foot away from the living room is my room (together with my youngest brother) and beside it is the bedroom of my 2nd youngest brother. Beside my 2nd brothers room is the dining room and the kitchen at the farthest part of the house. The comfort room is about 3 feet away from the living room. So, that is how small our house is. :D

Back to the story.........

I left the kitchen light on (the light can reach my room) and the dogs were in the living room. After lying down, I didn't get to slept until about ten minutes. After a few minutes (I was sure that it was just a few minutes of sleep) I woke up. I was also 100% sure that I was fully awake and listening to the silence of the night. I heard a noise from the living room. I thought it was the dogs so I went back to sleep only to be disturbed again by the noise a few more minutes later. I decided to check the source of the noise so I left my room. Just about 2 feet away from my room's door I stared at the door. It was where the noise was coming from. I felt my heart beating very fast! It was like my heart was going to blow when I saw the doorknob of the main door moving! It seemed that someone was trying to break in. Even though I was very scared, I still had a little courage to shout at it. I exclaimed, "Hey! Who's there?! If you are a thief, then back off! My dogs are in here!" And, then it stopped. I went near the windows to see if it was really a thief, but I could not hear footsteps of anyone outside. No sound of opening the gate to get out or jumping over our high fence. That was the time I felt more scared but I went back to sleep later on.

When my mom came back from the hospital, I told her about my experience.

My brother also had a chilling experience. He was watching T.V. late at night and sitting near the windows when he saw a human shadow walking past outside the house. He said that he was sure that "it" was just outside the house judging on the shadow's size. Was that the same entity that I have encountered? We were not sure.

After that, I don't know if they are still experiencing some strange things there. I am now staying here with my father at Manila (our "haunted house" is in Bacolod City).

Marco Poda, Philippines
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