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Who's That?

Kharen. A, Philippines
January 1998

Well okay my name is Kharen and I live in the Philippines, but this story took place in my house in Arizona where my cousin lives now. There are many times when this "thing" kept appearing. Especially when we (my family) weren't visiting that house. So that means most of this happened to my cousins. Here it goes.

The first time I experienced this thing was when I was taking a shower and I was about 10, of course the door was locked. No one was there with me. The bathroom which I was in, was in my parent's room. The shower had a sliding door which was translucent, or you can kinda see through. While I just started to rinse my hair, I thought someone in a white robe was there, moving towards me. So I just ignored it thinking it was my mom looking for something. But then I realized that I locked the bathroom door. So I freaked out and opened the sliding door but no one was in there. I just took the towel, wrapped it around me and opened the bathroom door. But no one was inside the room and the door to the room was closed. Well of course I really freaked out. But I kinda calmed down after a while so I just finished taking a shower.

Then the next time was when my older cousin was all alone in the house except the dog who was with her. My cousin and the dog were in a room at the end of the hallway. My cousin, Yolly, went out of the room to get a drink in the kitchen with the dog left behind in the room. She thought that the dog was following her because she thought that someone wearing brown pants or someone brown (the dog was also brown) was following her. "Right" she thought "it was the dog" so she just ignored it. But when she turned around again that "thing" wasn't there. Freaked out, she ran back to the room and locked herself in. Yolly saw the dog shaking like crazy as if he saw a ghost. Which I think he did.

Another time was when my cousins brought the dog in the backyard. It was night time then. We had an orange tree where it was dark. Then suddenly the dog kept barking at the tree but no one was there at all. The dog saw that "thing" again and freaked out (he's afraid of ghosts) The dog got frightened and started begging to go inside. All of my cousins got scared so they let the dog in and locked all the doors.

Now this happened again to one of my cousins, Marc. His sisters were all in a room watching T.V. Their parents weren't there. Marc got bored so he went out where there was a big mirror in the hallway. While he was looking at himself in the mirror, he thought that someone in white past by him. But he just ignored it. After a while he heard someone in the living room wearing some sandals. It was dark when he went to the living room, but he still kept hearing those footsteps. He saw no one there. He though to himself that there was "something" there. Really freaked out, Marc ran to the bedroom and told his sisters, my other cousins. All of them got really scared and just locked themselves in the bedroom until their parents came back home which was early in the morning because they're nurses and the hospital they work in is about an hour and a half away.

There's another one about that "thing". While I was there with my family visiting one time, it was way past midnight. While our parents were sleeping we thought of having our own dance floor in the living room. We thought it would be cool to turn off all the lights and have only a tiny lamp on. While we were dancing to a cool song, my cousin, which is Marc's younger sister, thought she saw someone in the other living room, she said she saw someone go through there but actually there was no one there. But we just kept dancing and ignored it.

Until now my cousins still live up there. Lately though nothing has happened, but we wont be surprised if anything pops up unexpectedly

Kharen. A, Philippines
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