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Who's That Man?

Mandy,Tx, USA
January 2007

First Off, I read numerous ghost stories, watched tons of horror flicks, so yes I do believe in the paranormal.

My family and I had just moved into an apartment complex, which I did not like. Our apartment was somewhat far from the main office.
Living there for few months, nothing happened, but that would soon change.

One evening after school, I walked to my home which seemed forever away. As I entered the living room, I automatically closed all the doors in my apartment. With all the doors shut, I felt safe for a while. My phone would make this clicking noise when it's put down, and I kept hearing it for some odd reason. I lay down on the couch and slowly began to fall asleep, but I kept waking myself up. All of a sudden I felt someone's hand on my cheek. I opened my eyes a little and saw a man that looked a lot like my dad, but his face was blurry. He wore a dark blue shirt and had dark brown hair, which describes my Dad. How could my Father be home, if he is still at work? He stroked my cheek and just stood there next to me. I focused my vision and saw him vanish in a misty haze, slowly. I didn't feel threatened, but I was very confused and wanted to know who he was.

Later on in the year I was in bed and about to fall asleep. I slept in a room with my sister, since we only had two bedrooms. She slept on the other side of the room so we could face each other, if we talked. The Room was semi-dark, there was a dim light outside our bedroom window. I looked at our recliner and noticed it was slightly circling. It moved left and right, right and left and so on. I got up a little on my bed and made out what I thought was a black figure. It stood behind the recliner, moving it and just being a pest. The Figure would move too, it moved left and right, right and left. Quickly, I called my Dad's cell phone from my Sister's and I heard his phone ring from his room. When he came into our room it had disappeared without a trace.

A Couple of other things happened while at the apartment, I felt like I was being watched and my Aunt had seen a man with a striped shirt. Soon enough, we moved out of that place and we now live in a good home. Being the "over imaginative" person who reads too much, I see things often. I see black figures walking about and going into my mom's room. I've even seen a hand pop out from the living room and appear in my mom's room. I don't pay attention to them now, I'm used to the visions. Nothing more happens, we are safe and happy where we live. But when I say "This House is Haunted", they know that they should believe me.

Mandy,Tx, USA
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