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Who's There? (1)

Bill, FL, USA
February 2003

We moved into a house 25 years ago that had an interesting past to it, one that we didn't find out about until later.

As it turned out, one of the previous owners had been a Vietnam Veteran and had lost his will to live, so he went into the garage and killed himself with a gunshot to the head. When we found out about that, we searched for the hole in the wall, that was reportedly still there. After not too long, the hole was found and covered up. Now whether or not that has to do with the house remains to be seen but there have been a number of unusual happenings that it leaves us to ponder who or what is responsible.

We have seen shadows move across the wall, movement out of the corner of our eyes, someone knocking on the front door when there is no one there and other unusual event. However, there are 2 prominent occurrences that hold solid memory for me due to their strangeness.

The first one is the sound of someone constantly bouncing what sounds like a gold ball in the attic over the bedrooms. It was noisy yet it also had a pattern and rhythm to it. It would go a few minutes and then stop for a few minutes. However, it always seemed to build up when we were in the bedrooms and it never moved to any other part of the house.

We had an old fan that went directly to the attic but it was removed and a board covered the hole. I finally got a ladder and lifted the wood up into the attic when the sound was really annoying and when I was able to see into the attic, the noise stopped. I was shining my flashlight around where the noise was coming from but there was nothing there. No small animal, as we thought it might have been a mouse or squirrel and there were no balls or anything that would make that noise. I climbed back down the ladder, replacing the board and putting away the ladder when I heard a male voice calling out to me.

Now, it wasn't clear like a normal person talking, rather it was like listening to a radio station that wasn't quite tuned in. I didn't think too much of it until later that night when I was in bed, I heard the voice again at the door to my room. I sat up and felt someone was in there. My brother, brother in law and my nephew and I decided to try using a Ouija board to see what we could find.

We did it a little differently by only one person at a time using the planchette while being blindfolded and the board was always turned a different way so we couldn't "cheat." After asking what the spirit's name in my house, I received the answer of VJ. This was repeated 3 times by myself and my nephew. We each had different feelings over our hands when we were holding the planchette ranging from cold and being held to hot and being pushed. It was very interesting although some may call us foolish for using the board but we wanted to see. Since I've been back after a 2 year absence, there really hasn't been much activity in the house. Not sure if it went away or if it's dormant for now, waiting to be woken up.

Bill, FL, USA
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