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Who's There? (2)

Katie Tolliver, Ohio, USA
October 1999


In leau of my first story,some new event's are taking place,even stranger than the other's. First, let me fill you in on some thing's that I have found out about the old house where it all started.

The house was built in 1859 by a man named Everett Gilmore, who was a doctor/dentist. He lived in his home for about 10 years, then sold it to an organization that fostered children. The children's ages ranged from 2 to 16 years. As we all know, back then, foster homes were very poor and didn't always treat the children right. There were a lot of diseases and common cold's that killed the children because there were no antibiotics or other cures or not enough money to seek a doctor. The record's I found for the time it was a foster home are very poor, but I did manage to find out that a lot of the children that died while living there, were buried in the back yard. There are no marker's or headstones saying who is where. When I found this out I went to a city counsel meeting, telling them what I had found, and asked what they were going to do about it. The response I got was very displeasing, they had told me that since there were no known living relatives of the dead, they were not about to remove them all and rebury them and they were not about to try and find them all and try to identify them. It would cost to much money and that the public probably wouldn't care anyway.

Feeling sad for the little one's I went back to the records to study them, and upon doing so,I found a young boy of 15 that had died of polio and was buried in the back yard of my old house. This is the only boy of that age that died of this at 15. When I read this, I automatically thought of my nosey ghost. I think the only reason why I alway's see him from the shoulder's or neck up is because of the way he might have lived, having polio. Maybe in life, he wasn't able to move about like the others and was always wondering what everyone else was doing, causing him to be what I call nosey.

Ok, now that I've filled you in on what I found out, let me tell you the new things he has started doing.

Around 11:00 at night, I was on my way to work, I have the radio on, a good song was playing. As I reached down to turn it up, to my surprise, the music was mustered and the gibberish talking started!! I know it was his gibberish talking because it always sounds the same. After a few seconds of this, it stopped and my music came back on clear as a bell. Later on that same evening, about 2am, I was in my truck, without the radio on when I stopped at a red light, I saw something sitting beside me in the passenger seat. There he was! from the shoulders up looking at me with those little dots of light! I was horrified! After a second or two of me looking at him, the radio turned on, and a very faint voice said "I am always with you". Immediately after that the radio turned off. But he was still there. Finally after a few more seconds, it looked as if he turned his head away from me to look out the window and faded away. Imagine my dilemma when I had to tell work I needed to go home. I was so shaken that I could hardly even drive home. When I did make it home, I decided to once again try to talk to him.This time, he answered me!

I asked him why he followed me. His answer was "mother". I told him I wasn't his mother. He replied with a crying scream "MOTHER!!" I asked if he died of polio? he said "not dead". After that he wouldn't talk any more, but I do talk to him often, just to see if he'll respond.

Obviously, this isn't the last of him. I still see him all the time, unfortunately the poor soul doesn't think he's dead, he think's I just ignore him.

As you can see from my stories about him, he's becoming more aggressive and noticeable. The last time I tried to tape him, I heard this very faint laugh as I was trying to get the recorder to work, which it didn't. Later on it worked fine, but I got nothing, but dead silence. I think he knows what I'm doing and doesn't like it, therefore stopping me from getting evidence of him.

I will continue to write more on him, as I'm sure he's not leaving anytime soon.

Katie Tolliver, Ohio, USA
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