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Who's There? (3)

Stan Lowery, OK, USA
August 2001

This happened in 1987 shortly after my wife and I had built our house. To my knowledge there had never been a house or other structure on the site prior to our house. I was told it was an old oil field many years ago. Many strange things happened while we lived there.

The front door to our home was at the end of a long walk (35 feet or more) which was flanked on one side by our house and the other by my neighbor's fence. My neighbor had a 6 year old son, Brandon, who was partially paralyzed and had difficulty walking. He often came over to play with our son, Chris, who was 5 at the time.

One bright sunny afternoon, Robin, my wife, and I were sitting in our livingroom. The front door was at one end of the room and beside where I was sitting. Robin was working a word puzzle while I was chatting. The storm door outside the main door always made a loud creaking noise when it opened. When it closed, the door rarely closed completely causing it to blow open during storms.

I had finished chatting and the room was silent. I could hear the sound of Robin's pencil as it marked the pages. Suddenly we were startled by the sound of the front door knob turning back and forth as if someone was out side desperately trying to enter. We both looked at the door and could see it turning. Then it stopped. There was no sound of the storm door opening. We looked at each other with surprised faces. I thought it was Brandon from next door comming over to play. Then it started again this time even faster than before. I jumped up and opened the door to find no one there. The storm door was latched. I went outside and walked over to the neighbor's house. Brandon was not home. Someone or something was trying to enter the house that day.

Months later, I had just got into bed and was preparing for sleep. I was settled on my side facing one wall of our bedroom. Beside the bed was a night stand. I looked up and clearly could make out the figure of a woman. She was standing beside the bed. She appeared to be sixty, with "granny" glasses, wearing a night cap and gown. I was petrified. I could not make a move nor utter a sound. She stepped towards me as if to be getting into bed beside me. The air turned icy cold. I shut my eyes and started to shake. I waited for what seemed like five minutes before I could opening my eyes. When I did there was nothing there.

The last "visit" happened about three months later. Robin, who had suffered from deep depression since we moved into the house, was in the hospital for shock treatments (I'm not sure if the house had anything to do with her depression though it makes me wonder). I was in bed very late one night and had trouble sleeping. I rolled over on my side. At that moment, a man wearing a black suit walked through the wall and night stand next to me. I jumped out of bed and followed him one step behind him into the livingroom. Our livingroom had a very high ceiling with windows near the top. The moon was shining brightly into the room when we entered. He disappeared the moment he walked into the light of the moon. Cold chills like icy fingers raced over me. The room was cold though it was a warm night. Needless to say I didn't sleep that night.

Robin did not return to the house from the hospital. We divorced and she got an apartment on the other side of town. Chris and I lived there for four more years without another incident.

Stan Lowery, OK, USA
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