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Who's There (2)

October 2000

Iam the oldest of three. My sister and I shared a room that had raggedy Ann and Andy canopies on the beds. My brother (who is the youngest) was in the room next to ours and my mother across the hall. Above this area in the hall is the "doorway" to the attic. Anytime you passed beneath it to go into any of the rooms, you felt weird, not scary, just weird. We usually spent a lot of our indoor playtime going from bedroom to bedroom.

Our first experience took place not long after the movie "The Exorcist" first premiered on television. Now my mother didn't care if we watched or not as she explained to us, it wasn't for real. My sister who was six and a half, laughed through it. My brother and I got up a half an hour after it started and went back to our rooms for play. About an hour later in my room, I noticed the canopies started moving like there was a breeze coming through the room, only the temperature felt the same to me. I checked the window and it was locked shut and the there was no breeze coming through the door. A couple of days later, we were home alone after school and doing our chores as usual, when my brother said he heard something move in the attic. I told him to quit playing around, (as we had just seen bits of the Exorcist a few days prior. We blew it off and went back to business. Nothing would happen for at least four years.

At twelve and a half, I was walking out of my mother's room and I thought I heard something roll and squeal as it rolled, (like an old rusty something) and then I just stopped and signaled for my sister to come out of the room to see if she could hear it. My brother, said "let's look up there and see what it is." I am a chicken and didn't want to go anywhere near it, but curiosity seems to win out every time. We stood on our humidifier which sat against the back wall beneath the attic door, and took a broom handle to lift the door upward. We saw what looked like an early 19th century stroller, baby bed, etc. sitting in our attic!! As we went to lift the door more, the stroller came flying towards us, and in reaction we all fell backwards and to the floor....hard... We leaped up and ran next door to our neighbours and stayed until my mother got home. I immediately told her what happened and she said she had never put anything in the attic because it was a new house when we moved in.

She went to the attic door to check and as she lifted it, we stood at the opposite end of the hall waiting to run for our lives and she told us to come and check and to our surprise, there was nothing there except dirt and cobwebs. She told us we were just spooked because we were associating the Exorcist to normal creaks and squeaks in the house.

About a week later, my sister ran home (she had to go to the bathroom) (we were walking with our friends) and ran to the bathroom. She says right as she was about to open the bathroom door, the handle shook as if someone was trying to come in, and she yelled out "leave the door alone, I'm in here!", then no sooner than she said it, the can opener in the kitchen started running, and the garbage disposal started to make that horrid grinding sound it makes when there is no water running with it. My brother and I walked in through the front door just as my sister exited the back to find these things going. We dropped everything and retreated through the front door and wouldn't go back until our mother returned home!

We have since moved from that location and the house along with those surrounding it have all been torn down for re-development. All except for one.....

Sorry it was so long, this was just one of many experiences we had in the house.

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