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Who Are They?

Dana, OK, USA
July 2007

Hello. I been living in my home for over 7 years. I don't ever plan to leave it regardless of my experiences. Some have happen to me and some to my kids since we lived there. I have always had experiences with ghosts and only been spooked a couple of times.
The reason I titled this as "who are they" is because I know there are 3 of them in my home. I don't know who they are and when I try to ask, no one seems to know who lived there before me.
I know there is an old lady just by how she watches what we are doing. There's a little boy because of the voices I hear and a few of us have seen him. Then there is a man. He seems to watch everything we do and he seems to be curious about everything and he is evil in a sense. Hard to explain that. But here's some of my experiences.

My first experience was about 2 weeks after we moved into the home. I was married at the time and all 3 of my kids lived at home. My daughter and I were sitting in the front room and I was fixing her hair. My sons and husband went to the city to get a few things. As we were sitting there we heard someone knocking on the walls in the hall of our home. The dog would always bark when we did it so now whoever was in our home was now mocking us. The dog was scared and well we were spooked because we were the only two home.

My next experience was when we were finishing our unpacking and I was fixing the bed in my room. My door was shut and my kids were in their own rooms. I heard a little boy call out "mommy". I looked up thinking one of my kids had come into my room and I didn't hear them. Well no sign of either of them so I continued on with making the bed. Then the little boy yelled "mommie" again and this time louder. I was scared. I ran out and asked my kids if they called me and they all said no. My kids have never liked my room. They said there's always a feeling someone is in there and I believe them. I feel it all the time even to this day.

The next experience was for me when I was separated from my husband I was sitting on the sofa in the front room talking to a friend on the phone. My kids went to bed and I was the only one awake. I felt like evil walked into the front room and was watching me and was standing on the other side of the coffee table from me. The presence was so strong. I was scared and grabbed the hammer out of the drawer in the kitchen and went to check on my kids. I didn't sleep that night till the sun came up and my kids woke up. I never felt something so evil in all my life. After that night my youngest would feel cold hands touching him at night, something tugging at his legs and something scratched him and when he showed me it was not that of a cat or dog. I never seen anything like it before. My daughter fell asleep in my bed with her son. She had a dream someone was hugging her from behind and when it spoke it had the voice of her boyfriend. It told her to look at him. She wouldn't and it finally let her go. She has always had bad dreams when she would sleep in my room.

I have heard things in my room but just don't pay any attention to it anymore. My son always sees someone in there sitting on the chair. He just goes on and doesn't try to think about it. My son was scared most by one day he was home and he was babysitting his nephew (daughters firstborn). My grandson has always loved video games since an early age. He wanted to play the video game my oldest son had in his room. My son told him to hold on and he seen my grandson run into the hall so my son got up to follow knowing my grandson couldn't open the door on his own. Our hallway is very dark when all the doors are shut like they are all the time. Well when he got in the hall and turned the light on my grandson was nowhere in sight. He open all the doors and no sign of my grandson in either rooms including the bathroom. My son not sure what to think went back in the front room and my grandson was sitting on the couch. He called his name and my grandson asked if he can play now. My son was so scared and not sure what he had just seen. I told my grandson no to watch a cartoon from the collections we had just for him. When he told me about this experience he said "mom there was no way he could have gotten past me in the hall" I never seen my son like this.

I still to this day hear alot of stories from my son. My 2 oldest kids have grown and moved out. My youngest son has friends who come over who would hear and see things just sitting there visiting. They aren't sure what to think. I now have 3 grandsons and I see the youngest looking off as if someone is there. Sure there is and we just don't see it.

I have alot more then this and will maybe write about it later. Thanks for letting me share my experiences.

Dana, OK, USA
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